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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Is A Friend Of Coal?

There's not a miner in the coalfields who truly believes that.

Yet there he was last night ...

A simple question on gas prices ignited a sharp disagreement between the presidential candidates at their second debate Tuesday night – President Barack Obama described himself as a friend of oil and coal ...


Here's reality:

In the Democratic primaries, there were signals that some Democrats have had enough of Obama’s coal policies. In West Virginia, where the coal industry is huge, 42 percent of Democrats chose felon Keith Judd over Obama in the primary. In many Pennsylvania counties, more than 30 percent of Democrats voted for candidates other than Obama or left the presidential line blank, according to an analysis by Politics PA.

I saw an Obama yard sign about two miles from my house the other day.  One.  The only one I've seen in all of Bland County, Virginia.  Had to belong to a party operative.  With a death wish.

Around here, but especially over in the coal counties, he's considered a friend of coal like a virus is considered a friend to good health.

Congressman Morgan Griffith weighs in.  In a press release after the debate:
Griffith: Obama Can't Change His Record

Christiansburg, VA - "Coal took center stage in tonight's Presidential debate, so I think it's important that we set the record straight.

"For some reason, President Obama thinks that things have gotten better here in coal country in the last four years. Maybe he would know that's not the case if only he had found time in his busy schedule to actually visit coal country.

"But alas, he hasn't been here, and we know that we are not better off than we were four years ago. Median family income has fallen by nearly $4,000 in the last four years. More people are living in poverty today than four years ago and more people are on food stamps than four years ago. Gas prices are up. Electricity prices are up.

"Mr. Obama is asking us to ignore the evidence of our own eyes. This year in my district alone, a thousand miners were laid off, and thousands more have lost their jobs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. These ramifications are being felt throughout our economy.

"President Obama has waged war on coal. His EPA has enacted new regulation after regulation, and made it all but impossible to build new coal-fired power plants. President Obama himself even said that he wanted to bankrupt companies that build coal-fired power plants.

"That's the record, and those are the facts. No matter what President Obama says, no matter what the rhetoric, he can't change his record."
The record stands.

Let him run from it all he wants.

What Have I Been Telling You All Along?

All this nonsense about Obama being "likable"?


On which planet?

Those are questions that prompt a response from one who knows:

Former Aide on Obama: 'Stunning that He’s in Politics, Because He Really Doesn’t Like People'

The fact that he hasn't one friend in life should have been a clue.

I wrote this back in August:

"Obama's likable? In truth, nobody knows enough about the guy to even make judgment."

Now we know more.

And he's proving to be not all that likable.

Who would have guessed.

Why I Could Never Be A Politician

They find themselves having to wash dirty dishes at an Ohio soup kitchen.

Why, one asks, can't those on the receiving end of free food wash their own dishes?  Too busy?  Too beneath them?


Providing food to those in need is one thing.  An admirable thing.

But they can do their own dishes (and wipe their own butts).

There's a host of reasons why I'd never make a good politician.  Having to endure stupid crap like this is one of them.

Why The Gov't Must Be Downsized

It's out of control.

The latest in a long list of reasons it needs to be shrunk in a major way:
Top 10 Examples of Wasteful Federal Spending in 2012
By Emily Goff, The Hill

Two reports just released—“Federal Spending by the Numbers 2012” by The Heritage Foundation and “Waste Book 2012,” a report by the office of Senator Tom Coburn (R–OK)—shed light on these and other examples of Washington’s irresponsible spending.

If you value your tax dollars, you’re sure to be outraged by these wasteful projects. Following are the top 10 examples, five from each report. Though not necessarily the biggest ticket items, they are no doubt wasteful and representative of Washington’s spending addiction that must end.

Federal Spending by the Numbers 2012:

A reality TV show in India. The Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program spends $200 million a year to help U.S. agricultural trade associations and cooperatives advertise their products in foreign markets. In 2011, it funded a reality TV show in India that advertised U.S. cotton.

Studying pig poop. The Environmental Protection Agency awarded a $141,450 grant under the Clean Air Act to fund a Chinese study on swine manure and a $1.2 million grant to the United Nations for clean fuel promotion.

Amtrak snacks. Federally subsidized Amtrak lost $84.5 million on its food and beverage services in 2011 and $833.8 million over the past 10 years. It has never broken even on these services.

Using military exercises to boost biofuels. The U.S. Navy bought 450,000 gallons of biofuels for $12 million—or almost $27 per gallon—to conduct exercises to showcase the fuel and bring it closer toward commercialization. It is the largest biofuel purchase ever made by the government.

Conferences for government employees. In 2008 and 2009 alone, the Department of Justice spent $121 million to host or participate in 1,832 conferences.

Waste Book 2012:

“RoboSquirrel.” $325,000 was spent on a robotic squirrel named “RoboSquirrel.” This National Science Foundation grant was used to create a realistic-looking robotic squirrel for the purpose of studying how a rattlesnake would react to it.

Cupcakes. In Washington, D.C., and elsewhere across the country, cupcake shops are trending. The 10 cupcake shop owners who received $2 million in Small Business Administration loan guarantees, however, can only boast so much of their entrepreneurial ingenuity, since taxpayers are backing them up.

Food stamps for alcohol and junk food. Though they were intended to ensure hungry children received healthy meals, taxpayer-funded food stamps were instead spent on fast food at Taco Bell and Burger King; on non-nutritious foods such as candy, ice cream, and soft drinks; and on some 2,000 deceased persons in New York and Massachusetts. Food stamp recipients spent $2 billion on sugary drinks alone.  Improper SNAP payments accounted for $2.5 billion in waste, including to one exotic dancer who was making $85,000 per year.

Beer brewing in New Hampshire. Despite Smuttynose brewery’s financial success and popularity, it is still getting a $750,970 Community Development Block Grant to build a new brewery and restaurant facilities.

A covered bridge to nowhere. What list of government waste would be complete without a notorious “bridge to nowhere”? In this case, it’s $520,000 to fix the Stevenson Road Covered Bridge in Green County, Ohio, which was last used in 2003.
My God. And we paid for all this. And more.

We need to kill this monster before it ruins us all.

Why Benghazi Isn't Going Away

Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama and Candy Crowley:

Too many questions. Too many dead Americans.

They Got Everything They Expected

If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”
-- Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar --

Debate results: Liberals relieved by President Obama’s performance

When this is what your expectations amount to ...

Please, please, Barack, don't become another Jimmy Carter.

... you're sure to be accepting of any outcome short of disastrous.

Nothing expected. Nothing lost.


The Obama-supporting Politico sees this as being a big win for the president.  The moderator (i.e., someone who is there to preside over the debate) in last night's debate shamelessly came to his defense:

President Barack Obama scored a technical knockout on foreign policy Tuesday night, dodging and weaving his way through a tricky question on Libya until debate moderator Candy Crowley declared him the winner.

America sees it as being a good reason to never have a "moderator" sit in on a presidential debate again, if he or she can't keep from taking sides.

The fact that Crowley later tried to worm her way out of the awkward and tactless faux pas she committed only heightens America's disgust with her actions.

* By the way, to translate that "Obama ... dodging and weaving his way through a tricky question on Libya" turn of phrase into plain English, Obama simply didn't answer the question.  Go figure.

- - -

See "Another debate, another debacle for America’s media."  They will stop at nothing to get their man reelected.

See "Candy Crowley Jumps from the Bench to Tackle Mitt as he Races for a Touchdown." I'm not sure, but I don't think that's what a moderator is there to do.

This Isn't Pretty

But it is magnificent.

Timothy P. Carney rips Politico a new one.

With devastating fact after devastating fact.

See "Oh no! We can’t let Romney win, he’ll let lobbyists in the White House!!!"

One wonders if that left-leaning rag is now short one "journalist."