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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Latest Here In Virginia

From Rasmussen:
Election 2012: Virginia President
Virginia: Romney 50%, Obama 47%

Mitt Romney has now hit the 50% mark in Virginia.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Virginia Voters, taken two nights after the second presidential debate, shows Romney with 50% support to President Obama’s 47%. Two percent (2%) remain undecided.

A week ago, Romney led 49% to 47% in Virginia. Prior to this survey, the candidates have been within two points or less of each other in every survey here since April.

Ninety-four percent (94%) of likely voters in the Old Dominion say they are certain to vote in this election. Among these voters, Romney leads 52% to 47%. [link]
Looks like the numbers are heading in the right direction.

Romney's Coming To The Coalfields

Tomorrow (click on the image to enlarge it):

Folks there need all the help they can get.

Where's Obama, by the way?  Where are all his promises?

Headline of the Day

The Jerk Store Called. They’re running out of Obama-Biden.

Obama Never Understood The Economy

A high school graduate knows better than this.

From the debate the other night, Obama explained why gas prices doubled under his watch:

Well, think about what the Governor just said. He said, when I took office the price of gasoline was $1.80, $1.86. Why is that? Because the economy was on the verge of collapse. Because we were about to go through the worst recession since the Great Depression, as a consequence of some of the same policies that Governor Romney is now promoting. So it’s conceivable that Governor Romney could bring down gas prices, because with his policies we might be back in that same mess.” [source]

Gas was valued extremely low when the economy was doing poorly.  And now that the economy isn't doing poorly, its worth has necessarily gone up.  According to the smartest guy in America.

Which would also explain why the value of homes has gone up over the last four years as well.

Or not:

Uh, Barry?

Proving once again:  Obama doesn't know the first thing about the world around him.

The Inevitable Question Arises

Benghazi: What Did The President Know And When Did He Know It? 

Me?  I still ask this question:

In the days leading up to the massacre of Americans in Benghazi, what did Obama NOT know and why did he NOT KNOW IT?

Why I'm Not One Of Them

Because they're complete idiots:

"In response to an innocuous joke Tagg Romney made on a radio show in North Carolina, Lawrence O'Donnell used the platform that is his late night talk show on MSNBC to taunt and threaten the oldest son of a presidential hopeful.

"Seemingly as serious as a heart attack, the nearly 57 year-old O'Donnell challenged the 42 year-old to a fist fight 'any time, any where'." [source]

Good Lord.