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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morgan Griffith Makes A Commitment

From a press release:
Griffith Statement on Congressional Debates

Christiansburg, VA - Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) released the following statement today after the third debate appearance against his opponent in the upcoming election:

"Over the last week, the voters of the 9th District have had the opportunity to hear directly from us about the issues that matter in this election. The choice is clear.

"I have fulfilled my pledges over the last two years to fight the unreasonable regulations coming out of Washington that kill jobs, to work to cut the unnecessary spending and get our deficit under control and to work to repeal and replace Obamacare, which taxes the middle class and jeopardizes small business in Southwest Virginia.

"My opponent has promised what he calls a bottom up economy. What he offers is an unrealistic plan that leads to bottom up poverty and trickle down government. It won't work for Southwest Virginia.

"The people of the 9th District have seen what I've worked to do over the last two years and know that I will continue to work hard for them in the future.

"I am focused on creating an environment where we can attract new jobs, but I also want to protect the jobs we have today. I will work to keep taxes low, to reduce unreasonable regulation and to stand up for the values of our small cities and rural communities.

"That's my commitment to the people of the 9th District. I want them to know that I will continue to work for every last vote and I hope to have their support on Election Day."
His opponent?

He's committed to being a good Democrat.

Obama's War On Coal Hits Close To Home

Neighbors here are losing their jobs because of a silly belief in global warming.

My God:
Norfolk Southern lays off 200 workers in Roanoke and Bluefield
Norfolk Southern says that decreased coal traffic led to the furloughs. WDBJ7

Roanoke, Va. — Norfolk Southern says it has laid off about 200 workers in the railroad's divisions based in Bluefield and Roanoke.

Norfolk Southern says that decreased coal traffic led to the furloughs.

The company has offered affected employees jobs at seven other areas in the Norfolk Southern system: Chicago, Elkhart, Ind., Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio, and Conway, Altoona and Harrisburg, Pa.

Norfolk Southern said accepting one of those placements would require "permanent relocation." [link]
Just what the area needed. More out-of-work citizens.

And a president with every intention of making it worse.

But A Heartbeat Away From Running Our Country

In Ohio, Biden Talks About All the Ads Being Run 'Here in Iowa'

The media, by the way, have nothing but the greatest respect for this potential doofus-in-chief.

Must Be In The Genes

Looks like northern Virginia Democratic Congressman James Moran isn't the only asshole in the family:

The son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who had served as his father’s field director, resigned from the campaign Wednesday after an undercover video showed him talking about how to forge documents to cast fake ballots.

You folks up in Arlington who keep reelecting this clown to Congress must be really proud.

On Benghazi

Now that we know that security personnel within the government were monitoring the attacks as they were taking place on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi on 9/11, attacks that went on for several hours, the question now becomes:

What did the United States government do to come to the rescue of those who were in danger of losing their lives on that fateful day?

The evidence thus far indicates that the Obama administration did absolutely nothing.

Which prompts another question:




We know that Ambassador Chris Stevens sent out a plea for help.  Who refused to send in aircraft to beat back the hoards of terrorists who were attempting to overrun his consulate defenses that evening?

Who gave the order to stand down?

Was it Hillary?  Where was she through all this?

And where was her boss?

On 9/12 ...

... the day after Americans were murdered in Benghazi, Hillary made this declaration:

"There is no higher priority than protecting our men and women wherever they serve."

We now know that there were other priorities that took precedence that day.

We just don't know what they were.

But, by God, we're going to find out.

Benghazi Was a Romney Setup?

What kind of warped human brain can think such things up?

Full Moon Already ...? Thom Hartmann Suggests Benghazi Attack Part of Right-Wing Plot

Really, Thom?  Really?

Where Inaction Leads

BLACKFIVE has this assessment:
First of all, we lost four very good men during the attack. Men that are irreplaceable.

Second, we know now that the President, the VP and the SecDef knew what was happening within a relatively immediate timeframe. The way it should have worked was that the SecDef should have given the President options. Of course, one option is to do nothing. Apparently, even after knowing what was happening and having drone footage ~2 hours into the fight, the President decided on nothing. This is problematic if you work for State in the ME. You know now that the President won't help you in times of dire need. You will either stop taking any risks or you will decide to use more force than might be necessary. Either way, it's not good for our State people over there.

The President made the decision to not use F18s (even in a flyover to shake the resolve of the terrorists). The President made the decision to go to Vegas to a campaign dinner.

So what is worse than our State people now knowing that the President will do nothing if they are attacked?

Al Qaeda knows that now, too.
Did Obama refuse a rescue mission that day?

And what has al-Qaeda learned from this?

America awaits an accounting for this disaster.