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Saturday, October 27, 2012

James Webb Takes The Honors

America’s most disappointing senator

Bottom line:

"On the major issues of the last four years, Webb voted in lockstep with Barack Obama on the health care bill Virginia took the lead in fighting and the stimulus package that borrowed $1 trillion to produce barely 2 percent economic growth two years later.

"It has been said that Daniel Patrick Moynihan talked like Irving Kristol but voted like Walter Mondale. Jim Webb wrote like Pat Buchanan but votes like Harry Reid."

His supporters - you there, Washington Post? - must be pleased.

While America bleeds.

I'm Ashamed Of My Country

May God have mercy:

"'Within minutes of the first bullet being fired, the White House knew these heroes would be slaughtered if immediate air support was denied,' said Ty Woods' father, Charles. 'In less than an hour, the perimeters could have been secured, and American lives could have been saved. After seven hours fighting numerically superior forces, my son's life was sacrificed because of the White House's decision.'"

Beyond disgraceful.

The Next Question That Must Be Asked:

Did Obama Watch While They Fought for their Lives?


This guy lost his mind long ago:
Ted Turner on More U.S. Soldiers Dying by Suicide Than Combat: ‘I Think It’s Good’
By Elizabeth Harrington, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) – Appearing on CNN’s "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Wednesday evening, CNN founder Ted Turner said it is "good" that more U.S. soldiers are now dying by suicide than in combat.

Morgan said: "You made the point to me in the break there that more American servicemen are --

Turner interrupted: --are dying now from suicide over there than are dying in combat."

Morgan asked: “I mean, that’s shocking isn’t it?”

“Well, what, no,” Turner said. “I think it’s good, because it’s so clear that we are programmed, and we’re born, to love and help each other, not to kill each other, destroy each other,” the media mogul said. “That’s an aberration, that’s left over from hundreds of years ago. It's time for us to start acting enlightened." [link]
Enlightened? Does that sound enlightened to you?

If You Can't Find Work, Find A Back Ache

A federal program for the disabled?  Hey, I can be disabled!
8,803,335: Another New Record for Disability—Up 975 Per Day Under Obama
By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) - The number of American workers collecting federal disability insurance benefits hit yet another record high in October, according to the Social Security Administration.

This month 8,803,335 disabled workers are collecting benefits, up from the previous record of 8,786,049 set in September.

In February 2009, the first full month after President Barack Obama took office, there were 7,469,240 workers collecting federal disability insurance. Thus, so far in Obama’s term, the number of workers collecting disability has increased by 1,334,095. That works out to a net increase of about 29,646 per month (1,334,095 divided by 45 months), or an average increase of about 975 per day (1,334,095 divided by 1,369 days). [link]
The government dole. By another name.

And Obama will tell you it's a good thing.

Where These Things Ought To Be Decided

In the various states.

In this case, the very conservative state of Texas:
Texas can ban Planned Parenthood from health program after court decision
By Tina Burnside, CNN

(CNN) -- Texas won another battle against Planned Parenthood this week.

A federal appeals court, on Thursday, refused to grant another hearing to the organization, a decision that stops the organization's fight against Texas' effort to ban state funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry applauded the decision, by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

"Today's ruling affirms yet again that in Texas the Women's Health Program has no obligation to fund Planned Parenthood and other organizations that perform or promote abortion. In Texas we choose life, and we will immediately begin defunding all abortion affiliates to honor and uphold that choice," Perry said.

The decision continues a legal struggle that has been going on for months.

The Texas Women's Health Program provides about 130,000 low-income women with family planning exams, related health screenings and contraception.

Texas opposed government funding for Planned Parenthood clinics because the organization provides abortions.

The state said in March that it was willing to give up funding from Washington and run the Women's Health Program itself. [link]
Something like this won't happen in Massachusettes for decades.

And that's as it should be.

Each state should decide on its own.