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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He's Flailing

Good God:

Obama Suggests ‘Secretary of Business’ in a 2nd Term

Someone should inform the smartest man in American history that he already has a Secretary of Commerce.  But what good would it do?

Obama and business.  Too funny.

You're All Implicit Racists!

The Associated Press has done extensive research (the Associated Press?) and has determined that you are.

Whether you know it - or agree with it - or not.

It's gotten that bizarre.

The Obama Presidency, An Epitaph

Jonah Goldberg:
When the history of this administration is written, maybe someone will note the dissonance between the president's hip persona and his retro ideology. Here was a man who promised a "transformative" presidency. Yet when transformation came, it amounted to a two-pronged attempt to impose, from one side, a version of European social democracy by way of ObamaCare, and from the other side a version of Chinese state-directed "capitalism" by way of the stimulus.

As a political matter it may have been Mr. Obama's good luck that the bankruptcy of both models became obvious only after he had gotten his way legislatively on both. Yet the president's sagging fortunes have everything to do with his buying into an ideological enthusiasm too late. In a different age, Mr. Obama would have been the guy who went out and bought an Edsel. In this age, Mr. Obama is the guy demanding that you buy an Edsel, too. That car is today called the Volt.

Mr. Obama might still squeak by. He has, in addition to incumbency and a vestige of likability, the benefit of a challenger who only found his stride very late in the campaign. But a second term will mean four years of spent ideas packaged in shopworn rhetoric, to be shoved down the national throat by a president with nothing politically to lose.

Sound appealing? [emphasis mine]
As appealing as a week-old pizza.

A Good Line

From Jonah Goldberg:

'It's Huge Progress Obama Didn’t Blame This Hurricane On A Video'

Stinging.  And nice.