Friday, October 01, 2004

Judging the Debate

I take the time here to make a few comments with regard to last night's debate between President Bush and John Kerry. My perspective of the contest is rather unique, I would guess, in that I watched (a portion) of the contest while sitting at gate B7 at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, waiting for a plane to take me to St. Louis. Because of the crowd noise (if you've been there, you know what I mean) and the frquent PA announcements, I heard very little of what was said. I'm sure, over the next several days, I'll hear plenty about what each politician said, didn't say, said by mistake, said in jest, in earnest, in a fit of pique...

Here is what I took away from the debate:
  • I was able to hear John Kerry's voice over the noise. I wasn't able to make out what was said, but he sounded serious. And outraged. Like he always does these days. The latest incarnation of the man who would be President.
  • I could not make out even a faint sound coming from George Bush when he spoke. Odd.
  • John Kerry has annoying gestures. Bush leans on the podium.
  • Kerry looked himself - stern. Bush looked himself - casual.
  • Very few people in the airport terminal were watching the monitor. Even those sitting in front of the overhead screen were chatting or reading or gazing at the goings-on around them. And the cell phones! How many cells must Verizon make available to all those people in that building so that they can get a line out. Everywhere you looked, people were chatting on their phones. Or retrieving messages through their Blackberries. I wonder if interest in the debates is really as strong as the media make it out to be.

So, what do you take away from this? My message is a simple one - life goes on. For me, St. Louis by midnight.