Saturday, August 05, 2006

We Need A Month For This?

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month in Virginia
By NRVToday (

I Thought Warner Fixed This

Remember just a few years ago the massive tax increase that was foisted upon a defenseless populace here in Virginia by Governor Mark Warner and a handful of cowardly and traitorous Republicans? Remember the "looming" problem that tax revenue was supposed to fix?

For those of you who don't remember (or find it too painful to think back to), it was and is, in large measure, this:
State tuition rise twice that of inflation
Despite a 9.3 percent jump, the increase is less than past years
By Gary Robertson, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia says undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees at the state's four-year colleges rose an average of 9.3 percent, or $567, from last year.

That's more than double the rate of inflation - 4.3 percent over the past year, as measured by the Consumer Price Index. (
So what do we have to show for Warner's tax increase? Nothing. Except a hole in my savings account where once I had a nest egg put back for my grandchildrens' college education, a nest egg that was confiscated by the government to be used for solving our problems with education.

Where's Warner? I want to thank him for all he's done for the commonwealth.

This Is More Like It

If we hope to ever get Southwest Virginia's economy back on track, we need to start looking into issues like this:
Task force to whack Virginia's red tape
Attorney General Bob McDonnell wants to reduce the burden of regulations.
By Michael Sluss, The Roanoke Times

RICHMOND -- Attorney General Bob McDonnell said Wednesday that he will spearhead a multiyear review of state government regulations with an eye toward reducing unnecessary and obsolete provisions that affect businesses and citizens.

"This is probably one of the most important things I'll ever do as attorney general of Virginia," McDonnell said as he announced the creation of a task force that will conduct an extensive examination of Virginia's regulatory framework.

"Regulations and the compliance with those regulations cost individuals and businesses a lot of time and money," McDonnell said. (
Now if McDonnell can do something about the corporate tax rate here in Virginia as well as the myriad fees that are charged to our businesses large and small, we might find ourselves better able to take on all those foreign competitors that are stealing our jobs.

Go get 'em, Bob.

Another Blow To The Economy

Another setback for Southwest Virginia's imploding economy was dealt yesterday:
Officers seize 2,200 pot plants
Reed Williams, The Roanoke Times

Authorities seized more than 2,000 marijuana plants at two separate locations Wednesday in Henry County.

The marijuana was spotted by law enforcement officers from a helicopter, said Lt. Lane Perry of the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's officials said the marijuana has an estimated street value of more than $2 million. (
A $2 million infusion of wealth into the economy ... up in smoke.

Put Webb In Charge Of The Middle East

Democratic candidate for Senate here in Virginia, James Webb, thinks he can do a better job of solving the Arab-Israeli conflict than has a host of Presidents past and (particularly) present:

Webb faults Bush handling of Middle East crisis
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

The Democrat trying to unseat Sen. George Allen says the Bush administration is repeating its failures in Iraq by disregarding the role diplomacy could play in defusing the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

James H. Webb Jr., former Navy secretary under President Reagan, said talking with Syria could be key to brokering a deal that ends the conflict that began last month. (link)

I say: Put this man on a plane and let him solve this centuries-old problem. He may be the man to save all humankind.

Of course, one's confidence might be shaken a bit when one reads the following jaw-dropping misinterpretation of the situation:
"There is a way to cut Syria away from Iran. It is not a natural alliance. The Sunnis are a secular society. Particularly with [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, in my view, they have been trying to open up relations. Syria is a connector to Hezbollah."
First, since when are alliances to be judged by how natural they are? Was the alliance between the USA and communist Russia in World War II natural or unnatural? The alliance between the Confederacy and the Indian tribes in the Trans-Mississippi during the Civil War - I'd call that sort of unnatural. Wouldn't you? How about the present-day alliance between Cuba and Angola?

Most would say those were alliances of convenience (as was the alliance between the nazis and the Soviet Union in 1939 that was voided in favor of the alliance between the USA and the Soviet Union in 1941). Was the alliance between Italy and the USA against the Germans in World War I natural? If so, what does that make the alliance between the Italians and the Germans against the USA in World War II? The point to be made: There is no such thing as a natural alliance.

Beyond that, where has Webb gotten the idea that Syria "has been trying to open up relations?" Is this another one of those John Kerry secret-discussions-with-unnamed-foreign-leaders moments? Does he know something that nobody else knows?

Or is Jim Webb just making shit up?

Lesbian Decides She's Not

Buried in a story ("Vermont rules on lesbian custody," The Washington Times, August 5, 2006) about conflicting child custody laws in two different states is something very curious:
Lisa and Janet Miller-Jenkins were Virginia residents in 2000 when they traveled to Vermont to join in a civil union. In April 2002, Lisa Miller-Jenkins gave birth to a daughter, conceived through artificial insemination, and the family moved to Vermont full time that August.

About a year later, Lisa Miller-Jenkins renounced her homosexuality, returned to Virginia and denied Janet Miller-Jenkins' demands for visitation rights. They were granted a dissolution of their civil union, and Lisa Miller-Jenkins filed for full custody. (
I've heard of renouncing one's citizenship. But renouncing one's sexual orientation? Is it then an orientation or a political/social attitude? A sometimes temporary mindset. A psychosis? If one can "come out of the closet" and declare a new-found desire for same-sex partnership, can the opposite happen as well? Was Lisa Miller-Jenkins a homosexual or was she simply delusional? Or mistaken. If she was gay, what is she now? Confused?

So many questions we're not allowed to ask these days.

Hezbollah Must Be Sent Back To Syria

The United Nations has a plan for peace in the Middle East. Make that another plan. How many does this make? Anyway, the New York Post gets it right in an editorial this morning:

August 5, 2006 -- Is the United States about to blink - and allow a cease-fire to be imposed on Israel before Hezbollah is fully neutralized as a long-term threat?

If so, it would be a colossal mistake, boosting Iran and terrorists worldwide. Indeed, the entire Iraq mission may be doomed.

Yesterday, the United States and France were working feverishly to draft a U.N. resolution meant to end the fighting. But there were troubling signs that the deal, to be put before the Security Council next week, could end up solving nothing. (
Notice that neither Hezbollah nor Israel is pushing for this cease fire? Both sides know what has to be done. The miltant Islamists intend to destroy Israel and the Israelis are working to remove Hezbollah from southern Lebanon. If the USA doesn't interfere, one side or the other is going to come away victorious.

So while the Bush administration dinks around with the French, Israel is methodically and ruthlessly dismantling Fortress Hezbollah. As they should. As they needed to long ago.