Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Message For Senator Warner

A veterans organization-in-the-making is introducing its Virginia chapter to the world today with a teleconference. The announcement I received from its executive director:
Vets for Freedom Launches Ad Telling Senator Warner “Don’t Surrender to Al Qaeda.”

Richmond, VA – On Thursday, August 9, Vets for Freedom, a non-partisan organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, will launch its Virginia chapter to educate Members of Congress and fellow citizens about the need to support the U.S. mission in Iraq. The effort will begin with a television ad asking Senator Warner not to surrender to Al Qaeda in Iraq before the new counterinsurgency strategy has a chance to succeed.

“As our Senators and Representatives return to their home states for August, Iraq veterans will be organizing and standing up across the country to make our pro-mission, pro-victory voices heard,” said Pete Hegseth executive director of Vets for Freedom. Hegseth served with the 101st Airborne in Baghdad and Samarra in 2005-2006. “These Virginia vets know first-hand the need to fight and defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq and they understand the devastating consequences of surrender.”

The Vets for Freedom leadership team in Virginia will be responsible for organizing local veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to contact their Senators and Representatives and to share their support for the mission with their fellow Virginians. Jim Murrary, Iraq war veteran from Falls Church, Virginia and Michael Husband, Iraq war veteran from Arlington, Virginia, will serve as the state co-chairs.

“Veterans come back to the United States and are shocked by the surreal and illogical arguments made by those who want us to flee Iraq” said Murray. “What people hear back home, and what soldiers see with our own eyes, are radically different, and it’s time people hear the other side of the story.”

Vets for Freedom produced the “Don’t Surrender” ad with several Iraq combat veterans. It will run in Virginia in the Richmond, Petersburg, Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Newport News markets. “Virginians are being misled by well-funded front groups on television. Virginia’s Iraq and Afghanistan veterans want to set the record straight and ensure that General Petraeus has the resources, time and support he needs to complete the mission,” said Hegseth.
A worthy endeavor. I wish them well.

As for getting through to Senator Warner, good luck.