Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Family Outing

Some of you may have been troubled to find, when you dialed up your favorite weblog on Sunday morning, that I hadn't posted anything. The world probably seemed out of kilter.

"Fuhrman didn't blog. What's going on?"

Well, there was a good reason.

There's only one thing I enjoy doing more than weblogging and that's ...

... being with family.

We had a camp-out the evening before toward the back of my property.

We hunted for newts in a mountain stream ...

We learned all about nature ...

We took the kids on ATV rides ... (Paula has her own ass-kickin' machine)

And we slept ...

I love you guys. But family will always come first.

On This 6th Anniversary

We all react to the circumstances that occurred six years ago today in different ways. I found Paula this morning watching news footage from that day, with tears in her eyes. She grieves - after all these years - for the innocent lives lost.

Me?I still get mad as hell.

Well, That Wasn't Supposed To Happen

You may not know it but The Perky Katie Couric's star rose in the heavens during Desert Storm/Desert Shield oh so many years ago, where she could be found cutting up with the troops in the desert, doing inane interviews that served no great purpose but were well received back home. It was there in 1991/92 that she got that moniker - "the perky ..." She went on to Today Show stardom shortly thereafter.

Well, one can only assume that executives at CBS wanted to rework the magic by sending little Katie back into the desert once again to "th'ow down her thang" and send her ratings into the stratosphere, as she had done long ago.

Uh, fellas, do you have a Plan B?

Iraq Is Ratings Drag for Katie Couric
By David Bauder, AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - If some people thought traveling to Iraq and Syria was a ratings stunt for Katie Couric, it didn't work out that way.

The "CBS Evening News" tied a record low with just under 5.5 million viewers last week, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday. Last week and Memorial Day week are the two least-watched CBS evening newscasts since at least 1987, and probably far earlier.

CBS said it wasn't surprising, and argued that ... (link)
Jump The Shark time?

A Roscoe Reynolds YouTube Moment IV

I don't know who's producing these videos about Senator Roscoe Reynolds (D-Martinsville) but they are devastating.

Ol' Roscoe comes across like some kind of doofus.

The latest:

Double click.



P.S. The guy standing to his left, is that the fella who promised us several years ago that he wouldn't raise our taxes - before being elected - and then doing just that soon thereafter? He's got a lot of nerve showing his face around these parts. We'd all feel a lot safer if he'd go back north where he belongs.

Endorsements Roll In

Hard work pays off. And her constituents appreciate her efforts.

The latest organization - and a particularly powerful one at that - to announce its support for Annie B:

Farm Bureau endorses Crockett-Stark for House seat

Virginia AgPAC, a political action committee of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, announced this week its endorsement of Delegate Anne B. Crockett-Stark in the race for the Sixth District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

"I am excited to receive the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation's endorsement." Del. Crockett-Stark said. "I spent most of my childhood around my grandparents' farm. The farming community is an integral part of every county in my district."

Crockett-Stark is among 82 House of Delegate candidates statewide that Virginia AgPAC has endorsed. Endorsements were made based on the recommendations of local committees of farmers.

"Each of these candidates has demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs of agriculture and forestry or has a favorable voting record in support of agriculture and Farm Bureau issues," said Wayne F. Pryor, Chairman of Virginia AgPAC.

"Farming not only plays a vital economic role in our area, it is part of our community culture and heritage." said Crockett-Stark. "As a legislature, we must provide them with an environment in which they can continue to thrive for generations to come. We must also support managed-care of State and National Forests for future generations."

The non-partisan AgPAC, created in 1999, employs in-kind contributions to support candidates who can best support agriculture and Farm Bureau issues. A full list of candidates endorsed by the committee can be viewed on the Virginia Farm Bureau Website at ww.vafb.com .

When they need her support most desperately, farmers lend her theirs.

Here's to a bright and prosperous future for all.

Can We Add a NONE OF THE ABOVE Voting Lever?

The way things are shaping up, we here in Southwest Virginia will have no one to vote for in the upcoming election, the outcome from which will produce a replacement for outgoing Senator John Warner. Seems we're going to be saddled with the choice between a liberal and a Democrat.


Davis' popularity in north may sting in south
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Davis III knows that his popularity in Northern Virginia would help him in a campaign for the Senate but hurt him in the state's more conservative, southern regions.

"I am not going to back off my record," Mr. Davis has said. "It's not going to please everybody, but I am who I am."

Mr. Davis' record has not always pleased conservative Republicans, who will play a pivotal role in deciding the party's nominee for the seat held by retiring Sen. John W. Warner.

The American Conservative Union, the Club for Growth, the Family Research Council and the National Rifle Association have given Mr. Davis some of the poorest scores among the Republicans representing Virginia on Capitol Hill. (link)


I hate to bring poor Bob Dole into this discussion, but there seems to be a similar dynamic at work here with regard to planning and lay-of-the-land calculations to that which played out in the 1996 presidential election. Here's the formula that some really smart Republican strategists have come up with to sweep Tom Davis to victory in November:

● He (or she) who wins northern Virginia wins statewide election.

● Northern Virginia is increasingly liberal.

● So all the GOP needs to do is nominate a liberal (okay, in fairness to Bob Dole - a milquetoast).

Seems easy enough.

Only problem is, most northern Virginians these days are also Democrats. And they'll vote Democrat in droves, should the Democrats decide to nominate ... a Democrat. So much for that scheme.

And where are Southwest Virginians and Southside Virginians in this equation? We're not. We don't compute.

Just as was the case with Bob Dole, where conservatives like me voted NONE OF THE ABOVE by not voting at all, and Bob Dole went down in flames, that's going to be the case with Tom Davis v. Liberal Democrat.

Me? I'm preparing myself for election day ...

That Hole In The Ground ...

... a hole that remains in our hearts.

Six years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, the Democrats would rather not talk about it. Now that's leadership:
Dem hopefuls shun 'war on terror' label
By Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times

Six years after the September 11 attacks, the Democrats running for president have drastically different ways of addressing terrorism, with one calling the war on terror a "bumper-sticker slogan."

Most have avoided the phrase "war on terror" because Democratic primary voters consider it a Republican talking point ... (link)
Shades of Bill Clinton. Everything's a talking point. A poll. An effect on public opinion and, in turn, approval ratings.

That hole in the ground in the heart of Manhattan that exists still these six years later should indeed be a talking point. A response. A cry for revenge. A call to action.

But not to the Democrats. To them 9/11 was a moment in time that should be relegated to a bumper sticker.

Our dead deserve better.

Congress Must Act ...

... first, by acting responsibly and doing no harm.

These are precarious times, fraught with danger:

'Perfect Storm' On Radar For Economists
By Paul Tharp, The New York Post

September 11, 2007 -- A rising chorus of banks, retailers and economists see the housing recession as a maelstrom that could hammer a stumbling economy until 2009.

Washington Mutual's chief Kerry Killinger yesterday struck the first chord about the "perfect storm" wipeout before a glum audience at a Wall Street conference.

He said his bank will have to set aside $2 billion for bad home loans, or one-third more than the $1.5 billion it earlier expected.

Killinger blamed tight credit and a run on cash, combined with plummeting asset values of homes and securities, for "creating what we call a near-perfect storm for housing."

The crisis is likely to persist until 2009, said a separate report from Moody's, while a Federal Reserve banker warned the economy is hurting from more "downward pressure" caused by credit turmoil. (link)

The Wall Street Journal cautioned the other day for everyone involved to remain calm; to not do anything to worsen the problems we're experiencing. The paper warned Congress too to give up on the broad array of tax increases that the Democrats have proposed and to not axe President Bush's wildly successful tax cuts.

They've been warned: They proceed with their economy-destroying actions at their - and our - peril.

The Enemy Within

America's leftists will not let us win this war without a fight. Their latest salvo:

America responds with shock and dismay:
MoveOn's Attack Ad Smears A Hero: GOP
By Geoff Earle and Carl Campanile, The New York Post

September 11, 2007 -- A searing attack on Gen. David Petraeus by left-leaning group MoveOn.org yesterday was roundly denounced by Republicans and left Democratic presidential contenders squirming when the top military commander in Iraq was supposed to be the one on the hot seat.

The activist group unloaded on the decorated general with a full-page ad in The New York Times that said, "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?"

Below a huge black-and-white photo of the general, who has a Ph.D. from Princeton and has been wounded in three wars, was the heading "Cooking the books for the White House."

The ad put Democratic critics of the President Bush's war strategy in a tight spot, because Petraeus gets high marks for his service to the nation even from staunch war opponents.

Republican presidential candidates called on leading Democrats to denounce the ad - which Sen. John McCain termed "despicable" - but none of the top Democrats contacted by The Post would do so. (link)
Despicable doesn't begin to desribe the actions of these traitorous slimeballs.

For the record, not one Democratic candidate for President would criticize MoveOn.org for this act of treachery. And left-wing newspapers? They locked step with the enemy. As usual. See below.

Screenprint courtesy of MoveOn.org.

Don't Let The Facts Get In The Way

The New York Times has some mental giants writing for its editorial page, that's for sure.

Take this morning's whine about General Petraeus's appearance before Congress yesterday. As was to be expected, the Times is warning its bootlicking toadies there to hold firm against the news that there's a changing landscape in Iraq - for the better - and, at the same time, to turn their heads - shield themselves - from the facts. This is rather startling, even for the Times:
Empty Calories

For months, President Bush has been promising an honest accounting of the situation in Iraq, a fresh look at the war strategy and a new plan for how to extricate the United States from the death spiral of the Iraqi civil war. The nation got none of that yesterday from the Congressional testimony by Gen. David Petraeus, the top military commander in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker. It got more excuses for delaying serious decisions for many more months, keeping the war going into 2008 and probably well beyond.

We hope Congress is not fooled by the silver stars, charts and rhetoric of yesterday’s hearing. Even if ... (link)
Not fooled by the charts? Reasonable people would consider those charts that the General brought before Congress to represent facts (in a simplified form that they could better understand; they too are mental giants). Data. Information. Realities.

Are the kids at the New York Times suggesting that our elected representatives ignore the facts? Of course they are. Facts get in the way of their anti-America, anti-war rhetoric.

Facts? We don't need no steenking facts!

Where Go The Jews?

Just as America's liberal Christian denominations (United Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian) find their flocks to be in rapid decline, so too does the Jewish community:
Synagogues Are Merging, Delicately, as Jews Move
By Paul Vitello, The New York Times

[M]ergers have become increasingly common, both here in the New York suburbs and in historically Jewish metropolitan areas across the country like Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles, as fewer Jews affiliate with synagogues, congregations age and the overall population, Jewish and not, shifts from the Northeast to the South and Southwest.

Over all, according to the 2001 National Jewish Population Survey, the most recent, there are 5.2 million Jews nationwide, down from 5.5 million a decade before. In the eight counties that make up metropolitan New York, there are now about 1.41 million Jews, down from 1.67 million in 1981 and some 2.5 million in 1950, according to a separate study by the United Jewish Appeal.

But even more than a decline in Jews, the mergers are a result of a decline in Jews’ affiliating with synagogues — a trend that mirrors membership dips that have also led to closings and consolidations among Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. About 40 percent of Jews belong to synagogues, according to various studies, down from about 60 percent at midcentury. (link)
A fascinating trend. While conservative Christian churches, like the Southern Baptist Convention, are experiencing phenomenal - and sustained - growth, the Jewish community is dwindling. Why isn't made clear. A mystery to be dealt with another day, it appears.

We Need Term Limits ...

... in country music.

Seems Like Old Times

Return with me to yesteryear, the good old days when the Clintons were cozying up to mysterious Chinese agents and America was an afterthought:
Clinton to Return All Hsu-Tainted Money
By Patrick Healy, The New York Times

Updated report: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign announced tonight that it would return approximately $850,000 to about 260 donors who had been recruited or tapped by Norman Hsu, the disgraced Clinton campaign fundraiser who recently fled arrest and is now under investigation for his fundraising practices.

The Clinton campaign also disclosed tonight that it had decided to begin running criminal background checks on its bundlers — the dozens of individuals who raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors on behalf of a candidate, as Mr. Hsu had done for Mrs. Clinton. (link)
Damage control mode. Just like old times. They do damage; then they sweep it away.

They're baaaacckk.