Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Hillary's Economic Plan

What the darling of the Democratic Party proposed in her health care plan (HillaryCare, circa 1993) 15 years ago seems to complement her heavy-handed approach to solving today's mortgage crisis as well. And will have the same deleterious effect if implemented.

Here's Steve Chapman, writing in Reason magazine, explaining it all:

Clinton has a stunningly simple solution, as stated in one of her TV ads: "freeze foreclosures" for 90 days and "freeze rates on adjustable mortgages." Those are a perfect answer, assuming this is the question: How can the government reward irresponsibility, discourage mortgage lending and raise the cost of financing a home?

After all, it's easy to pass a law prohibiting lenders from foreclosing. But the first result of that would be a lot more borrowers deciding that paying the mortgage is no longer the highest priority. Those who have practiced strenuous frugality in order to meet their monthly obligations would get nothing, and those who behaved recklessly would prosper.

The second result would be to choke off the flow of credit. When a bank makes a loan, it needs some assurance of being repaid. When it isn't, foreclosure offers a way to minimize its loss. If Clinton blocks that option for a time, banks will be markedly less eager to offer loans—particularly for anyone with a less than perfect credit history.

Then there is the matter of the interest rates future borrowers will have to shoulder. Lenders offer adjustable-rate mortgages, which carry low rates in the early years, in the hope of reaping higher rates later on. If a President Clinton were to void the second part of these deals, many mortgage companies would stop offering the first part, in effect saying: Freeze this.
In short, when Hillary gets elected, there'll no longer be a need to make a mortgage payment ever again. The government will take care of things.

You see, actions - no matter how heartfelt - have consequences. A concept unknown to this woman.

I fear for my country.

The Che Flag Is Only One Insult

If seeing a Cuban terrorist flag on the wall of a Barack Obama campaign office in Houston wasn't enraging enough, there's this from his co-campaigner:

Michelle Obama: ‘For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I Am Really Proud of My Country’

She won't be proud for long however, if her views become known.

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Why Take A Bus?

When you can take a 90-million-dollar train?

Richmond-Fredericksburg bus service to continue?

Of course, the train and the bus being government-funded, we'll have both. Forever.

I Thought This Headline Was A Joke

But no. A gentleman writing in the Roanoke Times (from the far away liberal confines of Lexington, KY) is serious:

Rise and protect Appalachia

He, as one has learned to expect from his kind, doesn't want something to be done for Appalachians of course. He wants our weeds and boulders protected.

It's easy to get caught up in such idiocy when peering in from outside.

Still The Disconnect

Look, fellas. You're not going to win the argument if you insist on trying to link the incidents that took place at Virginia Tech and NIU with that mythical "gun show loophole." There is absolutely no correlation.

Yet you persist:

After Virginia Tech
Washington Post editorial

A wave of recent school shootings, including the bloody attack in Illinois last week, is again prompting calls around the country for reforms. But in Virginia, where the bloodiest rampage of all took place last spring at Virginia Tech, the initial demands for legislative and regulatory improvements have yielded disappointing results.

The General Assembly's first failure was to leave open an outrageous loophole in state law that enables anyone, including ex-cons, escaped felons and those suffering from severe mental illnesses, to purchase firearms from private dealers at gun shows without undergoing a background check of any kind. (link)

You're grasping at straws, guys. Or clinging to straw men is more like it.

Here's your problem: When your only concern is for a law - any law - to be enacted after a horrific circumstance arises - as happened on these two campuses within the last twelve months - you end up coming across as being silly. And completely detached from reality.

For the hundredth time: Gun shows played no part in these or any other crimes.

So stop it.

Come back when you have a legitimate argument to make and are able to make it coherently and persuasively.

McCain's Second In Command?

A vote for Joe Lieberman.

What Good Is Living

The New York Times gives us men advice on how to live a very long life:
Gentlemen, 5 Easy Steps to Living Long and Well
By Nicholas Bakalar

Living past 90, and living well, may be more than a matter of good genes and good luck. Five behaviors in elderly men are associated not only with living into extreme old age, a new study has found, but also with good health and independent functioning.

The behaviors are abstaining from smoking, weight management, blood pressure control, regular exercise and avoiding diabetes. The study reports that all are significantly correlated with healthy survival after 90. (link)
No smoking. No drinking. No red meat. No coffee. No desserts.

Lots of broccoli. Rice cakes. Grapefruit juice. Leafy vegetables. Sit-ups. Jogging. Treadmaster.

Stay on plan and you will reach the age of 90 and have someone changing your Depends and wiping off the drool (oh, and helping fight bedsores) on a regular basis.

I don't know. Let me think about it.

This Seems Appropriate

Mr. Read My Lips, having proven himself to be something other than a conservative as well, does the expected:

A Strong Endorsement for McCain From a Former President

Birds of a feather.

Hearts Broken In Hollywood

Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba’s President

What Are Dead Relics?

Dead relics seller had eerie online ad

- - -

Update February 20, 5:21am: The Times-Dispatch apparently altered the headline shortly after I posted this. It now reads: "Relics seller had eerie online ad." Someone must have been reading the weblog.