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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Feel-Good Government Waste

There were approximately 13,425 guns purchased over the counter yesterday here in America.* 13,425. A huge number. Enough to outfit the 101st Airborne almost.


With that said, the geniuses who run Washington D.C. think they've done humanity a big favor by removing 279 from private hands.


279 removed. 13,425 added. Someone do the math.

Here's the news:

Police Net 279 Firearms With Buyback
By Delphine Schrank, Washington Post Staff Writer

For $100 and the prospect of some cash in hand for Christmas shopping, Levaun Dicks marched into the basement of Union Temple Baptist Church in Southeast Washington yesterday and handed a police officer a plastic bag containing a loaded 9mm Makarov semiautomatic pistol.

"It was lying in my dad's shed," said Dicks, 31, of Fort Washington, who was recently laid off from a real estate company. "It wasn't needed, and I need the money."

Dicks was among scores of Washington area residents to participate yesterday in the D.C. police department's gun amnesty program. Held at three churches -- officers had hoped the non-threatening setting would lure people who might be intimidated by having to head into a police station -- residents were offered $100 for assault-type rifles or semiautomatic pistols, $50 for revolvers, derringers, shotguns and rifles, and $10 for air, BB and pellet guns.

The buyback netted 279 firearms yesterday in return for $14,450. (link)

To show how smart these people are, the story is accompanied by a photo (reproduced below) of a woman holding one of the firearms that was turned in for $50. If I'm not mistaken, the weapon is an H&R Topper Model 158 (or 58, depending on its age) single shot shotgun. The city of Washington D.C. could have purchased one for $41 on auctionarms.com and saved $9. **

But we all know that "smart" has nothing to do with this. It's all about "getting guns off the streets."

So the city removed 279 firearms. 119,999,721 to go. Make that 119,999,722. No, make it 119,999,723. Er ... 119,999,724. Uh ...

* Source.

** Who knows, maybe the seller bought it at auction for $41 and turned around and sold it to the dimwits who run the buyback program for $50. A tidy profit.

*** It might be a JC Higgins model (manufactured for Sears many years ago) but I don't think it came in 12 gauge).

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

Yes, But ...

I have but one thing to say.
Chichester vocal on leadership
By Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch Columnist

The problem with the legislature, if you listen to John Chichester, is there aren't enough John Chichesters. (link)
And the problem with our looming budget crisis is there are too many John Chichesters in the legislature.

A Clue: His Heart Quit Beating

Man hurt in fight dies; police seek clues

Can They Be Any More Transparent?

News out of Iraq has turned favorable. Overwhelmingly so. That being the case, what do those who were heavily invested in the defeat of the USA do?

Change the subject.

From this morning's New York Times:

Afghan Mission Is Reviewed as Concerns Rise

And this, from the same paper:

Plenty of Blame for Afghanistan

By God, if these people can't bring about a defeat in Iraq, they'll make it happen elsewhere.

They know no shame.

When Journalists Hide In A Bunker ...

... and get their news from the Iraqi who brings them food and drink, this results:

Media Reports 6 Bogus Stories in 6 Weeks!

It's shameful, really. And sort of pathetic.

To think, these jokers decry bloggers for their lack of credibility ...

A Portent Of Things To Come

Substitute the names Kaine for Schwarzenegger and Virginia for California and this is where we will soon be. From Ed Morrisey:
A California Emergency Means Grab Your Wallets

Arnold Schwarzenegger will declare a
fiscal state of emergency in California after badly miscalculating the deficit condition in the Golden State. Last August, he predicted that the state would have a $4.1 billion reserve at the end of this fiscal year, but a legislative analyst predicted in November that California would have a $10 billion deficit. Schwarzenegger now says it's even worse than that ...

How did this happen? It started when the Governator decided to play nice with the Democratic legislature and start caving on every single spending program they suggested. Despite the already-extant fiscal crisis in California's government, state spending has increased a whopping 40% since Arnold took office. California didn't need more spending, they needed spending cuts and a rational budget process that restrained the big spenders in Sacramento.
The big difference between that which is playing out in California and the percolating problem here in Virginia is in the fact that a Republican-controlled legislature here decided to play nice with a Democratic governor, spending money at a rate unprecedented in commonwealth history. We too face a looming budget crisis. Though not of the same magnitude. And not any time in the immediate future.

But you've been warned. That headline is soon to read:

A Virginia Emergency Means Grab Your Wallets

On Last Legs?

This is a newspaper headline that no candidate for public office ever wants to read:

Hillary Clinton vows not to quit

Is her campaign finished? If so, it couldn't happen to a ... nicer ... person.

A Day Out With The Boys

Thought I'd post a few photos of the paintball excursion I went on recently.

The good-looking guy in the front row, far left is me. The others are all drunks and derelicts.

The shirt (left photo) says "Annihilator" Jerry Fuhrman. An executive assistant's idea.

It was at this point that I'd prepared a list in my mind of which people I wanted to take down. A lengthy list, as it turned out.

The limp-wristed guy in the photo to the right is me.

Note the fella on the right. He got shot in the mouth. When asked what a paintball tastes like, he replied: "like paint."

The field of battle.

Great fun had by all. Came away with only four nasty bruises from paintball impacts.

Twelve Days Of Christmas ... Sorta

Celebrate the holidays with song:

These guys can sing in my choir anytime.

A Hunters Website Is Launched

The NRA has announced the creation of a new website geared specifically to America's hunters and their ever evolving rights. It can be accessed at www.nrahuntersrights.org.

From an NRA email I received:
"There are more threats to hunting than many of us seem to realize," said NRA Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson, who spearheaded the development of the site. "And many of those threats are caused by government action, abuse, or inaction. Government red tape and bureaucratic hostility have reached a point where people are actually being driven out of hunting. A hunting license is not probable cause to believe its owner is a crook to be searched and interrogated.

"NRA strongly supports game laws based on sound wildlife management, and we vehemently oppose laws that only serve the convenience of the bureaucracy," Robinson continued. "The hunters rights' abuses NRA addresses are not to shield the guilty but to protect the innocent from being treated like the guilty.

"With all these factors combining to make it harder for an average citizen to hunt, we saw a need to keep people informed through a Website devoted to hunters' rights issues."
Stay free. Stay informed. Stay alert.