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Saturday, July 31, 2010

They Ask, I Answer



She came across as being awkward, addlepated, and awful.

For that they could have kept Paula Abdul.

Griffith Takes It To Boucher

Unlike opponents past, most of whom played Rick Boucher's game and lost big time (when our congressman even had an opponent), Morgan Griffith plays offense.  It's so refreshing.

The latest:
Griffith Responds to Boucher "Misstatement"

(Christiansburg, VA) -- Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith responded to Rick Boucher's claim of supporting funding for the fence on the southern border in the Bristol Herald Courier on Friday.

[jf: Boucher's statement from the article: "I voted for that fence and I voted to fund the fence, so it’s just another misstatement, which has become a very disturbing pattern by those who are leading his effort and opposing me this year.  I have supported building the fence."]

"Rick Boucher is on record for voting against funding for the fence along our southern border," said Griffith. "People can look at the votes for themselves. Rick Boucher supports the fence like he supports the coal industry: we don't have a fence and we won't have a coal industry if Rick Boucher stays in Washington. Any Congressman who votes with President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time is not voting with southwest Virginia."

Congressman Rick Boucher twice voted with the Democratic majority against funding the border fence in 2007. The roll call votes are here:

So what are you going to believe? Boucher's campaign denials? Or the voting record?

There's no gray area here.

Climate Science Is 'Lost.' 'Over.' 'Forget It.'

And that assessment comes from a leading environmentalist here in the USA:
Expert: Win climate change debate by easing off science
By Scott Condon, Glenwood Springs Post Independent

The battle to get Americans to accept the science behind climate change has been “lost,” an expert at the Aspen Environment Forum declared Wednesday, but there's still a way to win the war to reduce carbon emissions.

“Climate scientists — stop talking about climate science. We lost. It's over. Forget it,” Foley told a surprised audience during a featured panel discussion on the last day of the three-day forum.

Jonathan Foley, director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, said leaders on climate change need to concentrate on changing behavior in ways that appeal to people — and also happen to reduce carbon emissions. [link]
This dude's alternative to talking climate science - talking about reducing carbon emissions instead seems awfully dubious.  Why do we want to reduce carbon emissions, if it's not to mitigate the threat of global warming?  If carbon is the essence of life itself, why not encourage its growth?

Anyway, environmentalists are bailing out of the "climate" debate.  Can newspaper editors and Washington politicians be far behind?

This Is a Surprise

One must look at anything this guy does through the prism of gutter political calculation, but still, I'm perplexed by the news:
Democrat Ben Nelson Opposes Kagan
By Matthew Jaffe, ABC News

Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson announced late Friday he would vote against the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

In a statement released this evening, Sen. Nelson said, "I have heard concerns from Nebraskans regarding Ms. Kagan, and her lack of a judicial record makes it difficult for me to discount the concerns raised by Nebraskans, or to reach a level of comfort that these concerns are unfounded. Therefore, I will not vote to confirm Ms. Kagan’s nomination."

Nelson is the only Democrat to oppose Kagan at this point. [link]
I'll be honest, I have no idea what his point is.  But if he's saying the Supreme Court nominee has no paper trail, is that reason to vote against her?  Perhaps.

A better reason might be that she has little more legal and judicial experience than I do (I took two business law classes in graduate school; that's the extent of it).  Nearly all her work has been in either politics or administration.

So a Democrat has come out against Elena Kagan.  Interesting.

Won't make a difference.  But it's interesting.

Quote of the Day

The Wall Street Journal on the Obama economy:
The Obama Administration, in its Keynesian confusion, is simultaneously saying the economy is so weak it needs more spending "stimulus" but also strong enough to absorb a huge tax increase.

The message of 2.4% second quarter growth is closer to the opposite: The epic government stimulus has failed to produce the robust expansion the White House promised, and the prospect of higher taxes and more regulation is inhibiting the private animal spirits needed for growth to accelerate. Americans may have to wait for November for Washington to get that message.
"The 2.4% Recovery," July 31, 2010

You Can Take The Family Out of Arkansas, But ...

... you can't take Arkansas out of the family:
Chelsea Clinton Wedding Price Tag Could Reach $2 Million
By Jessica Derschowitz, CBS News

New York (CBS/AP) The wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky is happening next weekend, and it's reportedly going to cost a hefty chunk of change.

Reports speculate that the wedding costs could total $2 million.

ABC News reported that renting the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, N.Y., the rumored location for the high-profile event, could cost between $125,000 to $200,000 alone.

The catering, being done by Blue Ribbon Restaurants, St. Regis and Olivier Cheng Catering and Events, is estimated to cost $750,000. One company might be doing the cocktail hour with another taking care of the main meal and the third one doing late-night snacks.

Wedding planner Claudia Hanlin told ABC News that each company may charge around $500 a head, given the remote nature of the wedding site, along with having to share the kitchen and coordinate with two other caterers. That works out to $1,500 per guest (there's rumored to be 500 of them) for food alone.

Among the other costs, according to the report: $250,000 for the flowers, $40,000 for the music, $35,000 for photography and $30,000 for security. [link]
Weeee doggies!

They'll Never Stop Being Themselves

And there'll always be plenty of enablers:

For the love of God.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Your Feedback Requested

6th District Delegate Anne B. Crockett-Stark wants to know what you think:
A topic that is receiving a lot of attention is Gov. Bob McDonnell's proposition to privatize Virginia liquor industry. Since the days following Prohibition, Virginia has aimed to keep the sale and distribution of liquor in the Commonwealth in check. Now, as part of his Commission on Government Reform, Gov. McDonnell is proposing selling off Virginia's liquor business assets and letting private industry distribute and sell the products.

According to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which oversees the state's liquor delivery system, Virginia is one of 18 states that still operates its hard liquor sales.

The following are four major proposals under consideration. More information can be found at www.reform.virginia.gov.

A. The first option would have the ABC continue to control operation of liquor sales, but private retailers would receive a profit share and act as agents of the state to sell liquor.

B. The second would allow a private company or partnership to purchase the commission's assets and revenue stream and operate the system under a long-term lease.

C. The third option would fully privatize the wholesale and retail side of the ABC, allow licensees to sell liquor off-site, and significantly increase distilled spirit retail outlets statewide.

D. The fourth is similar to the full privatization model, but would auction retail licenses to the highest bidder and limit the number of licenses to somewhere between 400 and 1,000.

The state operates 334 ABC stores, which equates to one store per 23,260 people. Last fiscal year, Virginia's gross sales from liquor were $675 million, while the Commonwealth reaped $231 million in profits and taxes from those sales.

McDonnell's Administration estimates that selling off the ABC assets will net the state between $300 and $500 million and taxes on alcohol would continue to bring in similar revenues to the current system.

Supporters of privatization claim that changing the system will open up better choice and product pricing for consumers, bring in more revenue and get the state out of a controversial business. However, opponents raise doubts about the proposed plans ability to raise money for the Commonwealth. Others are concerned about the possible increase in alcohol abuse and related criminal activity. Local governments would also like to have a say in regulating where possible stores could be located so they would not be placed too close to sensitive locations, such as schools and churches. Needless to say much more discussion and research needs to be done before any concrete legislative proposals are brought to the table.

1. Should the state privatize the industry at all?

2. If it is privatized, which of the above options do think would work best?

3. Where should any one-time wind-fall funding be directed?
A. Transportation
B. Education
C. Healthcare
D. Other

As the Governor's Commission continues its process, I want to know how you feel about the issue. To voice your opinion on the possible privatization of Virginia's liquor industry, please write me at P.O. Box 628, Wytheville, Virginia 24382 or e-mail me at delacrockett-stark@house.virginia.gov. You can also call my office at 276-227-0247.
Even if you don't live in the 6th District, drop Annie B a note and offer your opinion.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to end the last vestige of Prohibition and get government out of a tiny part of private enterprise. (OK.  That's my opinion; offer yours).

Perriello Is Just a Politician In a Cheap Suit

Now I know what it is about 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello that chaps my backside every time I see him open his mouth.

He's just another two-bit Washington politician who speaks to us like we fell off the turnip truck and landed on our heads.  Like we're halfwits who don't know sugar from shinola.  The cynical type of Democrat who tosses lies out there figuring he'll never be called to account for them.

Watch this and you'll see what I mean:

This kind of crap works in New York, Junior. But it won't play in Southside. Pack your bags. We're on to your game. You're history.

Lift Up In Song

This will reach into your heart.

Is it even possible that a little seven-year-old girl, missing her two front teeth, can sing "Amazing Grace" so flawlessly?

Prepare to be entertained.

Go to Rhema Marvanne - 'Amazing Grace'



A congressman from Staten Island thinks this is good politics:

It should read McMahon Campaign Hits Grimm For Taking Jewish Money, without quotation marks, because "in an effort to show that [GOP challenger Mike] Grimm lacks support among voters in the district, which covers Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, the McMahon campaign compiled a list of Jewish donors to Grimm and provided it to The Politicker. The file, labeled 'Grimm Jewish Money Q2,' for the second quarter fundraising period, shows a list of over 80 names, a half-dozen of which in fact do hail from Staten Island, and a handful of others that list Brooklyn as home."

Like something out of 1920. Shame on them.

Rogue's Gallery Assembles

When you see the carefully sanitized press releases relating to Chelsea Clinton's wedding and reception, think of the Corleone "family" gathering scenes at the beginning of "The Godfather."  The two have much in common.

You know all about The Don.  Bill Clinton - often accused (from sexual harassment to fraud to rape) but never convicted.  His wife, the enforcer, Hillary "Satino" Clinton.  You may even know about the crook funding the shindig (to the tune of $2 million), George Soros, often operating in the gray area of high finance but never nailed for manipulation.  In attendance too will be the usual Democrat toadies, all of whom deserve hard time.

But did you know about the groom's father?  He seems to be the only one in this bunch of hucksters and thieves who actually went to the slammer.

See "Ed Mezvinsky, Father of Marc Mezvinsky, Pioneered Nigerian Money Scam."

Though Ed has this one thing on his resumé about which none of the others can boast (time in the federal pen), he shares one thing in common with all the others.  His crimes made him a very wealthy man.

Cento anni di salute e felicità!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can I Ask a Question?

Why do we have V.A. clinics?

Can't our honored veterans go down to the local clinic, or local hospital, and have services rendered?

Just wondering.

Well, Not Exactly

Southwest Virginia Today has an interesting headline this morning:

It's about "a document found in the Smyth County courthouse that could prove invaluable to students of local African-American genealogies and other historians.  Titled “The Register of Colored Persons of Smyth County, Virginia, cohabitating [sic] together as Husband and Wife on 27th February 1866.”

I'd venture a guess and say, if the document was penned in 1866, those "slaves" were actually former slaves. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery the year before.

I know.  Picky, picky, picky.

Woe Be the Economy

Obama couldn't tout his success at creating jobs so he flaunted to his eager press the increase in America's manufacturing output.  From which jobs are sure to flow.  Soon.

Well, kiss that goodbye too:
Durable goods orders drop 1% in June

The latest economic indicator of Recovery Summer shows that manufacturing, which had been a bright spot in the weak recovery, looks like it’s heading solidly in the wrong direction. New orders for durable goods dropped 1% in June, and excluding transportation (autos), fell 0.6%. This follows a 0.8% overall drop in May and gives two straight months of bad news on inventory. [link]
Well, Obama will always have his growth in government statistics to brag about.  If nothing else.

Want To Move Beyond Race?

Yesterday seemed to be a day when we focused on race. Unfortunately. Such a downer.

But hearts may be cheered by this (link provided by Big Salt Lick):

Actor Morgan Freeman: "I don't want a black history month.  Black history is American history."

"I'm going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man." 

There is hope ...

It's Come To This

Roger Pielke, Jr. on "climate change" research:

Silly Science.

Maybe that's why all the predictions of gloom and doom, based on the most tenuous of analysis and linkage, are so entertaining.  Think Laurel and Hardy.

- - -


Kenneth P. Green and Hiwa Alaghebandian:
While nobody would dispute the value of a good PR department, we doubted that bad or insufficient PR was the primary reason for the public’s declining trust in scientific pronouncements. Our theory is that science is not losing its credibility because people no longer like or believe in the idea of scientific discovery, but because science has taken on an authoritarian tone, and has let itself be co-opted by pressure groups who want the government to force people to change their behavior.

In the past, scientists were generally neutral on questions of what to do. Instead, they just told people what they found, such as “we have discovered that smoking vastly increases your risk of lung cancer” or “we have discovered that some people will have adverse health effects from consuming high levels of salt.” Or “we have found that obesity increases your risk of coronary heart disease.” Those were simply neutral observations that people could find empowering, useful, interesting, etc., but did not place demands on them. In fact, this kind of objectivity was the entire basis for trusting scientific claims.

But along the way, an assortment of publicity-seeking, and often socially activist, scientists stopped saying, “Here are our findings. Read it and believe.” Instead, activist scientists such as NASA’s James Hansen, heads of quasi-scientific governmental organizations such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, editors of major scientific journals, and heads of the various national scientific academies are more inclined to say, “Here are our findings, and those findings say that you must change your life in this way, that way, or the other way.”
"Science Turns Authoritarian," The American , July 27, 2010

Quote of the Day

Andrew Klavan on Leftists' desire to shut us up:
The book’s French cancellation is, I realize, a rather small cultural event. Yet it gives specific color to the recent revelations on the Daily Caller website that left-wing journalists conspired to suppress scandals that might harm Barack Obama and to the brouhaha over Breitbart’s online release of a video that resulted in a government worker’s momentarily losing her job. In both stories, one thing leaps out at me: everywhere, the Left favors fewer voices and less information, and conservatives favor more. Everywhere, the Left seeks to disappear its opposition, whereas the Right is willing to meet them head-on.
"From Book Publishers to the Media: The Left’s Crusade to End Debate," Big Hollywood, July 27, 2010

- - -

Related: An example of "the Left seek(ing) to disappear its opposition":
CNN has an interesting roundtable on the case of Jennifer Keeton, who has sued Augusta State University to keep from getting expelled for not repudiating her statements about homosexuality. Keeton expressed her biblical perspective on the subject in and out of class while working toward a degree in counseling, and the school mandated a “remediation plan” that appears to have required her to renounce her Christian doctrine in order to gain a diploma from the school. The school has responded that a bias against homosexuality would disqualify Keeton from certification, a position that would put most Christians in Keeton’s position.
Ed Morrissey, "University makes diploma contingent on supporting gay rights?" Hot Air, July 28, 2010

Simple Gov't Hammer $600

Tiny, inefficient government car $41000.

It's Every Man For Himself

The state of Arizona has been forbidden by a federal court to do anything, at least for now, about the flood of illegals invading that state and our country.

Obama's federal government refuses to lift a finger to stop the problem.

That leaves upholding the law to us.

Is that what they really want?


- - -

Weighing in on the subject of the court ruling yesterday, 9th District Republican Congressional candidate Morgan Griffith released the following statement:
(Christiansburg, VA) - Statement by Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith on the judicial ruling blocking most of Arizona's immigration law:

Judge Bolton's ruling today is the beginning of a long legal battle that never should have been needed in the first place. The people of Arizona have been put into the position of needing this law because the federal government in Washington is not doing its job in enforcing existing law. The federal government should secure our borders and enforce all of our laws, including immigration laws.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington continue to block legislation needed to stop illegal immigration. We need a Congress that will finish building the fence across the southern border to control who comes in this country.
Secure the border! What does it take to get through to the Democrats?

- - -

Speaking of Democrats, Griffith's Democrat challenger, Rick Boucher, had this to say about the awful court ruling and what it portends for the United States of America:

- bupkis -

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Tale Of Two Bouchers

It looks like a major publication picked up on my point from yesterday.  That being that Rust Belt Democrats may have reason to worry about their votes in favor of "climate" legislation coming back to bite them, but one local Southwest Virginia congressman has much more to fear.

Politico picks up on the theme:
Dems feeling burned on climate
By Darren Samuelsohn

Rep. Rick Boucher played a pivotal role last year in getting climate change legislation through the House.

Working with liberal Democrats from both coasts, Boucher demanded several key concessions for coal — the lifeblood of his Southwestern Virginia district — that helped lay the groundwork for the bill’s passage in committee and later on the floor.

Fast-forward more than a year, and Boucher is once again focused on climate change, though this time, it’s in defending his work as he goes before a skeptical and anti-incumbent electorate.

“Given the choice we had, it was better to do it the way I attempted to get it done,” Boucher said. “It’s right. It’s defensible. And I think, in the end, that’s going to be politically acceptable.” [link]
"It's defensible."  He says now.  Because he finds himself having desperately to do just that.  But less than  a year ago he wasn't defending it at all.  He was attacking it and running from it at the same time.  The Kingsport Times News, August 29, 2009:

"U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher voted for cap-and-trade legislation but said he doesn’t endorse the House-passed version of the bill."

That's right.  Boucher opposes that which he voted in favor of.


The Times News:
“I voted for it because I had to do that to be part of the process and to make the changes that have been made.

Boucher added the easy thing for him to do with the cap-and-trade bill would have been to just vote no.  “And I could have done that,” he said. “But that would have been a cowardly thing to do, and it would not have served well the interests of the district I represent with its large coal industry and the fact that so much of the electricity we consume is coal-generated. ... I would have been out of the debate.”
In other words, he voted for a bill that he opposed because the legislation was going to pass anyway and he would have been taken out of the debate had he simply voted no.  So he voted YES.  Ending debate.

In reality, though, the debate wouldn't die.  But his legislation did.  Because the debate that he gave up on turned decidedly against the economy-killing cap-and-trade bill.   That debate - with our side standing firm and shouting A RESOUNDING HELL NO! - as administered by those of us with no power and far less influence maintained throughout, was, in the end won.  Cap-and-trade was killed and buried.  Without any help from the man we send to Washington to engage in that debate and protect our interests.

Boucher said it would have been "cowardly" to vote no on the Democrats' "climate" bill.  But his constituents knew better and fought, fought hard, relinquishing no ground to his buddies in Congress.  We prevailed.  With Boucher nowhere to be seen.

Who's the coward?

So now we're entertained with the notion that Rick Boucher's actions are "defensible." 

Have at it, dude.  Defend the indefensible.

Anyone Can Type. Anyone Can Ramble.

But not just anyone can be a Virginia Tech professor of English and find her rambling, incoherent nonsense published in Southwest Virginia's newspaper of renown.

See "Our Lives Need Flowers" in this morning's Roanoke Times.

Me?  I read it and realized our lives may need more flowers but a whole lot fewer fruitcakes.

* For more on this clown, a blast from the past.

This Would Be Me

I had routine blood work done not long ago and was startled when I was told I had a problem.  This:

What Do You Lack? Probably Vitamin D
By Jane E. Brody, New York Times

Vitamin D promises to be the most talked-about and written-about supplement of the decade. While studies continue to refine optimal blood levels and recommended dietary amounts, the fact remains that a huge part of the population — from robust newborns to the frail elderly, and many others in between — are deficient in this essential nutrient.

If the findings of existing clinical trials hold up in future research, the potential consequences of this deficiency are likely to go far beyond inadequate bone development and excessive bone loss that can result in falls and fractures. Every tissue in the body, including the brain, heart, muscles and immune system, has receptors for vitamin D, meaning that this nutrient is needed at proper levels for these tissues to function well.

Studies indicate that the effects of a vitamin D deficiency include an elevated risk of developing (and dying from) cancers of the colon, breast and prostate; high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; osteoarthritis; and immune-system abnormalities that can result in infections and autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. [link]
Test results showed that I was seriously deficient in vitamin D.  So now I'm consuming a whole lot of these.

Though doctors tell me I'm not getting enough sun, I blame it on a lack of booze in my life.

So I'm committed to consuming a whole lot of this too.

The effort may have no measurable effect on my vitamin D levels, but I'll not be worrying about the problem at that point either.

Is Photography Art?

I have my doubts.

A story in the news only bolsters my skepticism.  See "Alleged Adams negatives, bought at garage sale, in dispute" in today's Washington Post.  Briefly, it's about some guy in California who bought a bunch of photographic negatives at a garage sale for 45 bucks that may be worth $200 million if they prove to be authentic Ansel Adams photos.

Problem is, nobody knows for sure.

The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust and the Ansel Adams Gallery say they're simply good photos but not Adams photos.  A host of experts apparently disagree.

Who's right?  Anyone's guess.  They're photos.  "Artwork" that required a quality camera and a steady finger.  And nothing more.

So these photos, depending on who's finger depressed the button, may be worth 75¢ or they may be worth $200,000,000.

That's "art" for you.

Here's Why The Charge 'Racist!' Is Flying

With the ascension of Barack Obama we were to enter a new age of post-racialism.  We were to be beyond race.

What that meant to those on the Left is we were to do a whole lot more apologizing for past transgressions - slavery! -  that no one alive today perpetrated nor became victim to.  A whole lot more apologizing.

In reality, it wasn't to be a "post-racialist" America we were moving into but a post-leave-us-alone America.  Grovel was to be the order of the day.

And calls went forth for "dialogue."  Attorney General Eric Holder:

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.”

They wanted dialogue.

With us "cowards."

And are they ever getting it.

Trouble is, it's coming in the form of push back.  Instead of apologizing, as was the script, Americans are shouting: We demand a colorblind society.  We are not racists.  We refuse to recognize skin color as a condition of employment or advancement.  And we will not apologize for something unknown people from long ago did to other unknown people from long ago, none of whom we have or had anything to do with.  And with all the problems that exist in this country, why in God's name are we even talking about such foolishness?

Well, this isn't how it was supposed to be.

So the cry Racist! went up.

Fox News is racist. Republicans are racist. Tea Party goers are racist. Your mama is a racist. Your dog. Your hamster. Your 401k.


It was all so perfect on Inauguration Day, 2009. The storyline was set to go to print. We would all be "good white folks" and follow the script handed to us.

It didn't turn out as planned.


We've moved beyond race, fellas. Get over it.

Or don't. We don't give a damn anymore and we are up to our eyeballs in real problems to deal with.

'Waist Deep In The Big Muddy'

Maybe this is what James Webb had in mind the other day when he called for an end to diversity programs.  Did we give government the authority to do this?
Gov't mandates diversity on Wall St.
By Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico

A little-noticed section of the Wall Street reform law grants the federal government broad new powers to compel financial firms to hire more women and minorities — an effort at promoting diversity that’s drawing fire from Republicans who say it could lead to de facto hiring quotas.

Deep inside the massive overhaul bill, Congress gives the federal government authority to terminate contracts with any financial firm that fails to ensure the “fair inclusion” of women and minorities, forcing every kind of company from a Wall Street giant to a mom-and-pop law office to account for the composition of its work force.

Employment law experts say the language goes further than any previous attempt by the U.S. government to promote diversity in the financial sector — putting muscle behind federal efforts to help minority- and women-owned firms gain access to billions in federal contracts. [link]
What this means in the real world is more firms will put token black and female executives at the head of their companies so as to gain advantage with the government. It's silly but its effective in states where this sort of institutional racism and sexism is practiced today.

Beyond that, though, one wonders, futilely, where in the Constitution that was written to outline very specific obligations we were turning over to our central government does this sort of meddling appear?

Another instance of our government punishing us.  In this case because of the color of our skin.

How did we get to this point?

* Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

And Ne'er The Twain Shall Meet

Make no mistake, he worked hard to earn this:

The destruction of our way of life will have this effect.

Chart courtesy of RealClearPolitics.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Does Boucher Have An Evil Twin?

He must.  How else to explain his pro-illegal-immigration voting record, on the one hand, and this on the other:
If elected or re-elected to the US Congress, I will oppose any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens, including Comprehensive Immigration Reform which would turn millions of illegal immigrants into voters thus destroying future borders of America. I will use the full power of my office, including impeachment if necessary, to insure the Executive Branch secures America's border immediately and begins to adequately enforce the existing immigration and border laws of the United States, which were enacted by Congress at the behest of America's citizenry. I understand that the failure of the Executive Branch to secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws is depriving all Americans of a Republican form of government and depriving our states of protection from invasion as mandated by the US Constitution. I intend to use the power of Congress to immediately remedy this problem that is costing many Americans their jobs, wages, taxpayer resources, property, security, and sometimes their very lives.

So help me God,

Rick Boucher


Does he think we haven't been paying attention all these years?  Does he think we're imbeciles?

"I will use the full power of my office ... to insure the Executive Branch secures America's border immediately."

Will he?  Has he?

That power consists mainly in voting yea or nay on legislation that comes before him.  So has Rick Boucher used that power to secure the border?

Would this be the border that he's voted time and again to leave open to illegal activity?

H R 2638, 2007: Provide full funding for the border fence. Rick Boucher voted NO.


Let's go through that again.

"I will use the full power of my office ... to insure the Executive Branch secures America's border immediately."

The Truth, based on his actions, not his campaign pledges:

I will use the full power of my office ... to block all efforts to secure America's border.


"I intend to use the power of Congress to immediately remedy this problem that is costing many Americans their jobs, wages ..."

But when he had the chance to do just that ...

An amendment to H R 3161 in 2007 to ensure that federal funds aren't used to employ illegal immigrants:

Rick Boucher voted NO.

H R 4437, 2005, An amendment offered to set penalties for firms that employ illegal immigrants:

Rick Boucher voted NO.

"I intend to use the power of Congress to immediately remedy this problem that is costing many Americans their jobs, wages ..."

H R 4567, 2004, An amendment to cut off funding to cities that refuse to cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement:

Rick Boucher voted NO.

And the most shameful part of it all:

"So help me God,

"Rick Boucher"

Poor Rick Boucher

We're treated this morning to an article in the Washington Post that outlines the tragic circumstances that have been brought upon the nation's Democrats as a result of their having gone along with the radical environmental wing of their Party - and with their just-as-radical president - in voting for "climate" legislation.

Well, not all Democrats.

The article focuses only on "Rust Belt" Democrats, whose future political tenure can now be measured in days:
Among House Democrats in Rust Belt, a sense of abandonment over energy bill
By Paul Kane and Shailagh Murray, Washington Post Staff Writer

13 months after that tough vote, ... House Democrats along the Rust Belt are not at all happy with the way things have turned out. The White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had assured reluctant members that the Senate would take up the measure. Although Senate passage wasn't a sure thing, House Democrats hoped to go back home to voters with a great story to tell -- about reducing dependence on foreign oil, slowing climate change and creating jobs.

That didn't happen. Senate leaders, sensing political danger, repeatedly put off energy legislation, and the White House didn't lean on them very hard to make it a priority. In the aftermath of the gulf oil spill, the Senate is set to take up a stripped-down bill next week, but the controversial carbon-emissions cap is conspicuously missing.

This has left some House Democrats feeling badly served by their leaders. Although lawmakers are reluctant to say so publicly, their aides and campaign advisers privately complain that the speaker and the president left Democrats exposed on an unpopular issue that has little hope of being signed into law. [link]
Rust Belt Democrats are highlighted here because they represent states that are heavily dependent on coal-fired plants for their power.  Which is fair enough.

But a better example of a man left hanging in the wind would be our own Rick Boucher - Democrat, 9th District.  A man who represents a region where the rubber - er, coal - meets the road.  The coalfields of Southwest Virginia.  Where incomes are directly affected by legislation meant to hurt their way of life.

Good old Party-faithful Rick defied his constituents and ignored the admonitions of every one of his fellow coal district Democratic representatives from West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky and went along with Pelosi and Obama on their cap-and-trade ride.

And now for nothing.  Nothing.

If Rick Boucher, who's been in Congress for a quarter century, gets bounced in November, it will be because of this one vote, more than any other.

That which he has potentially sacrificed his career for has been wadded up and thrown away like a Kleenex full of boogers.

He should have known better.

He deserves his fate.

As to the Washington Post article and those Rust Belt Democrats, I'm reminded of that ham and eggs/involvement vs. commitment analogy.  Your standard fare breakfast of ham and eggs is like this circumstance.  The chicken that laid those eggs - like Rust Belt Democrats and their relationship to coal - find themselves involved in this saga.  But coal country Democrats - Rick Boucher - like the pig that provided the ham, are totally committed.

Take that analogy to its final conclusion.

Toast with that breakfast anyone?

A Detachment From Reality

I find myself amused - and bemused as well - by all the hand-wringing that's going on right now over the demise of "climate legislation."  See Paul Krugman's column yesterday - "Who Cooked the Planet?" - as a good, uproarious example.  In a nutshell the nuts who believe we are all going to die because the planet is ... cooking ... now lament the assured destruction of civilization as we know it because John Kerry's cap-and-trade bill went down to (... blazing) defeat.

Here's the puzzlement in all this.  Krugman knows, as does every other global warming enthusiast, that experts have declared the effort to control greenhouse gases as being inherently doomed to failure.  Nothing the United States Congress can do will affect atmospheric temperatures in any measurable way.  Nothing.  No debate.  Not one percent of one degree centigrade.

Yet they persist.


Is it merely a matter of Washington going through the motions of doing something that's important to these people?  That's my only guess.

I coined a word a while back for people like this: Legislationists.

I've used it to describe John McCain on more than one occasion.  It distinguishes those - like McCain and his fanciful effort to keep money out of politics (insert chuckle here) - who cling to the notion that legislation, no matter how ill-conceived or doomed to failure, is a good thing.  In and of itself. Pass a law and all will be good.

How to explain this?  Beats me.

It is entertaining though.  In a destructive sort of way.

NY Times Loses Hope

It wasn't that long ago - 2008 - that the New York Times editorial page was calling for then-President Bush to get out of Iraq so that the United States "can finish the fight in Afghanistan."

Now, it appears, the Times wants us out of Afghanistan too, finished war or no.  From "Pakistan’s Double Game":
It has been only seven months since Mr. Obama announced his new strategy for Afghanistan, and a few weeks since General Petraeus took command. But Americans are increasingly weary of this costly war. If Mr. Obama cannot persuade Islamabad to cut its ties to, and then aggressively fight, the extremists in Pakistan, there is no hope of defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan. 
There is ample reason for one to oppose our existence in Afghanistan (I'm reluctant to call it a war these days since Obama won't).  The primary reason being Obama.

But to advocate cutting and running simply because the going is tough smacks of cowardice.

It also smacks of insincerity.  Much as John Murtha advocated a plan to have our armies transferred, at the height of the Iraq mess, to Okinawa, where there was no risk of anyone getting hurt, the New York Times talked tough about our needing to leave Iraq, where many brave Americans were indeed getting hurt, and shifting focus to the less heated conflict in Afghanistan.  But now that that focus is being applied, and the heat is on, the deep-thinkers want us out of there too.  And on to Okinawa, one might surmise.

The lesson?  Don't trust a thing these guys advocate.  They don't mean it.

Global Warming Theory Crumbles

"There's a lot of political noise about global warming, but the science is clear and unequivocal: The globe is warming, and that warming is most likely caused by human activity."
-- Roanoke Times editorial, "Cuccinelli vs. Science," July 18, 2010

One could make a blog post out of the construction of that sentence.  The science is unequivocally most likely ...?  Look, it's either unequivocal or most likely, but it can't be both.

But that's beside the point.  The bigger issue?  What do a growing number of scientists say about the unequivocalness of global warming theory?  The latest to defect:
Left-wing Env. Scientist Bails Out Of Global Warming Movement: Declares it a 'corrupt social phenomenon...strictly an imaginary problem of the 1st World middleclass'
By Marc Morano, Climate Depot

Physicist Dr. Denis Rancourt, a former professor and environmental science researcher at the University of Ottawa, has officially bailed out of the man-made global warming movement.

In a hard-hitting and exclusive new exclusive [sic] video just released by Climate Depot, Dr. Rancourt declares that the entire man-made global warming movement is nothing more than a “corrupt social phenomenon.” “It is as much psychological and social phenomenon as anything else,” Rancourt, who has published peer-reviewed research, explained in a June 8, 2010 essay

“I argue that by far the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might; and that the global warming myth is a red herring that contributes to hiding this truth. In my opinion, activists who, using any justification, feed the global warming myth have effectively been co-opted, or at best neutralized,” Rancourt said.

“Global warming is strictly an imaginary problem of the First World middleclass [sic],” he stated. [link]
My only criticism might be in suggesting that "activists" are sometimes neither co-opted nor neutralized.  They're simply greedy.  And global warming theory pays handsomely.

But let this sink in, Roanoke Times people.  There are a whole lot of learned individuals - including Professor Rancourt - finding themselves equivocating these days over your "unequivocal" theory.

We Haven't Heard The Last Of This

Remember last week when I wrote the following in response to Senator James Webb's stunning denunciation of diversity programs in the Wall Street Journal?

"Our until-now liberal Senator James Webb is going to lose some of his Washington friends with this one."

While I have no doubt my statement will prove to be accurate, I forgot about another group of friends (or former friends).  Those here at home.  Like the still-influential Douglas Wilder.  He is not a big Webb fan right now.  His response to Webb's musing:
If it's not for the civil rights movement and diversity programs, he would not be a United States senator today.

Things are tough enough without having people you thought were friends do things like this.
I have no idea how the civil rights movement and diversity programs, per se, brought Webb victory in 2006, but that's beside the point.* Black leaders in this country don't take kindly to criticism of their favorite quota programs, fought for and fairly won on the battlefield of Washington politics.

I can't see Webb gaining any new friends with his weird foray into the minefield we call "diversity."  But he can sure make a lot of former friends.  Doug Wilder may just be one of them.

And as Douglas Wilder's opinion goes, so goes that of the diversity crowd.

* In fact, I'll argue till the end of time that it was the Washington Post that single-handedly brought Webb his victory.

Boucher Can't Be Bothered

It seems like the Virginia Tech campus would be home turf for our congressman.  A safe haven to protect him from harm should the miners in Virginia's coalfields decide to "have a talk" with him about that which he and Obama are trying to do to their way of life.  A shelter in the storm.

For some reason, though, Rick Boucher has decided not to meet his election challenger there this summer to debate the issues that most concern us.  That's the supposition anyway.  In fact he hasn't been heard from.  Neither hide nor hair.

Could one of you fellas in the Party give him a call and straighten him out?  We don't demand much from the little guy, but we at least ask that he show up and show us what he's got.

His opponent is certainly willing.

This comes from the Morgan Griffith for Congress team:
Griffith Accepts 2 More Debates; Boucher Fails to Respond

(Christiansburg, VA) - Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith agreed to participate in a joint appearance of 9th Congressional District Candidates this fall hosted by Virginia Tech's Student Government Association and as wells as a candidate forum hosted by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce.

"Virginia Tech is one of the premier Universities and research institutions in America," said Griffith. "It's an important economic engine of southwestern Virginia, bring businesses to the area and creating jobs.

Neither the Washington County Chamber of Commerce nor the Virginia Tech's Student Government Association have heard back from Congressman Boucher.

"Everywhere I go, people are asking me about Cap and Trade, and how that will affect their job. Voters deserve answers to these questions, and a chance to compare the candidates side-by-side. I wish Rick Boucher could find time in his schedule for both Washington County and Virginia Tech."

The Virginia Tech joint appearance has yet to be scheduled. The Washington County Chamber of Commerce candidate forum will be on Monday, August 30th.

Morgan Griffith recently challenged the incumbent Congressman to debate in every county and city in the 9th Congressional District. Rick Boucher has only accepted one debate.
Voters deserve answers.

But not from Rick Boucher. Guess he doesn't like being bothered.

I'd Almost Like To Find Out ...

... how this nitwit puts the slaughter of six million innocent men, women, and children in concentration camps in a context that would somehow prove favorable to the most evil man in human history:

I shudder to think what he has in mind.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's There In Front Of Him

But he doesn't see it.

Poor guy.

Dan Radmacher, editorial page editor of the Roanoke Times laments this morning (see "Do voters really want to return to Bush years?") the fact that Democrat policies have failed over the last four years, since they seized control of Congress in 2006:

"It's no surprise that congressional Democrats are in trouble this year ... a stubbornly sluggish recovery to a very deep recession, high unemployment ..."

But his lamentation only worsens when he considers the alternative:

"In a rational world, voters would never hand back the reins of power to a party that wants to return to failed policies.

"Then again, in a rational world, there might be more than two real choices."

Actually, if Radmacher were a rational man, he'd realize that Obama policy (forget what he campaigned; look at his actions) is nothing more than a continuation of Bush policy. The infamous "stimulus"?  Bush did it first.  Massive deficits?  The pro taught the kid.  Government growth?  Been there, done that.  Mind-numbing control of private enterprise?  The bureaucracy shrank during the Bush years?  Government meddling in health care?  Can you say Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act?  Bush was a war-monger?  And Obama's not?

Oh, and Guantanamo lives into perpetuity

And times were bad then; they're worse now.

Radmacher sheds tears over the fact that we have only two parties in this country.  In many ways I wish we had more than one.

NY Times Gets Reflective

As it always seems to do when conservatives are at issue.  This morning:

Yes, it has to do with the Shirley Sherrod saga. And yes, it's all about Fox News. With some Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly sprinkled atop liberally. Conservatives, when race is the issue, just don't know boundaries. And they don't think before they act (or think too much, too tactically; take your pick).

We've heard it all before.

I'll believe these jokers are sincere when they start looking inward and scolding themselves over the Tea Partiers shouting "nigger" at John Lewis incident that never happened but was - and still is - reported in the media as fact.

An incident that was widely reported but never happened.

As is proven by video clips of the incident.  That never happened.

The media are upset that caution wasn't used before people got hurt.  Now.

But then? 

Get over it.  Move on.

Only If That Road Takes Him Far, Far ...

... away:

"Hit" that road, Barry.  For our sake.

Years & Years Of Stagnation?

Patrick Ishmael jumps on a quote from Obama's Treasury Secretary Sunday:

Secretary Tim Geithner: "“Now, we’ve seen six months of positive job growth by the private sector.  That’s pretty good. Pretty good this early in a recession."


We’re nearly three years into the current recession, and job growth has been so anemic that we may not return to pre-recession employment levels until 2022. Is Geithner confirming that we’re at the beginning of a 15 year ecnomic downturn, which by many accounts has been exacerbated by government interference? Maybe. 

This “new normal” brings with it some awful fiscal implications. The Recovery Summer has not only been punctuated by terrible private sector growth, but the Administration is now conceding that fiscally speaking, things have never been worse than they are right now: the United States will borrow $.41 for every dollar it takes in, leaving the US with a record $1.47 trillion deficit this year. Unemployment, especially among young people, has been and is at destructive levels, and right now we find ourselves… at the start of this thing? I’m not sure the Administration could lower its bar for economic progress more. Coming soon from Robert Gibbs: “Hey, we’re trying. Give us a break, willya?”
Probably from Geithner's vantage point in well-to-do Washington D.C. things do look "pretty good" right now.  After all, everyone working in - and with - the federal government is doing great.  Recession?  Ain't no recession up there where they dole out the cash and own the printing presses to do it.

As for the rest of the country, things aren't "pretty good."  Worse yet, Americans know that they'll be less pretty good tomorrow.  And the next day ...

Democrats Prove How Twisted They Are

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean yesterday accused Fox News of being racist because of that which it hadn't done but was most assuredly going to do.

And in his circles that makes perfect sense.

Dean: "... Fox News did something that was absolutely racist."

 "It [the infamous Sherrod clip] was about to go on Glenn Beck, which is what the administration was afraid of.”

He's a mind reader, you see.  Fox News "was about to" be racist.  Thus the need for a preemptive attack on its ... intentions.

All of the above?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can Boucher Do This?

First off, it's not my money.  Besides that, the fat cat Washington lobbyists who donated it to his campaign are probably just fine with the expenditure.  So what's the beef?

It just seems odd that Congressman Boucher, who we pay $174,000 a year, and who gets all kinds of bennies from the American taxpayer to cover his expenses (and well beyond), would need to use campaign funds to buy himself (ahem ... I mean buy his campaign) a new car.

At least it's a Ford.

From OpenSecrets.org, a partial list of Mr. Boucher's "campaign" expenditures for the current election cycle:

So next time you see your congressman and the missus tooling around Abingdon (on those rare occasions when he comes down to visit) in one of these ...

... you know who bought and paid for it.

Dominion Power ...

American Electric Power ...

Duke Energy ...

DTE Energy ...

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ...

A Cautionary Note

To those who think adding passenger train service from Roanoke to Richmond (or Roanoke to Washington) is a swell idea because ... well, they like to ride trains, and driving is such a hassle, and it'll save everyone money, and ...
California Roundup: $8 Billion Rail Project Results In Fewer People Riding Public Transportation
By Tim Cavanaugh, Reason

If you build it for $8 billion, they won't come. L.A. Times' Dan Weikel explains how the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority is actually carrying fewer people now than it did when it began its light rail building project 20 years ago. More than a million people a day ride buses in the county, a little more than 300,000 ride trains, and the figure for trains keeps falling. (I used to keep a close watch on these numbers, and it looks like the trend has been holding for almost ten years now: rail boardings decline a little almost every quarter, regardless of economic activity, gas price, or efforts to promote train ridership.) Transit gadfly Tom Rubin estimates the massive rail project has cost the MTA 1.5 billion potential passengers since 1986. Don't miss the comment section, where trainspotters are still saying the trains will be full once they have one that goes all the way to the ocean. [link]
$8,000,000,000.  And fewer passengers than before.

We want to do this why?

Can we consider a 15-passenger van instead?  Or how about a Cessna 172?

And That's Just Fine With Them

As Obama Forces Us To The Left ...

... the Left elsewhere in the world is fleeing to the Right:

Take heart. In thirty years we'll give up on nationalized health care too.

Assuming there's still a "we."

Assuming there is still health care.

So Far Removed From Reality

And it's presumptively a news gathering organization, which would make one assume it has some connection to the real world.

You know what takes place at Tea Party rallies around the country.  A whole lotta this:

But to Reuters, which claims to provide news reports from around the world to news media, sees the Tea Party movement in this country this way:

"Images such as Obama with a bone through his nose and the White House with a lawn full of watermelons are often displayed at Tea Party rallies."

What do you want to bet these "news" guys get their "news" from the Democratic National committee.

For the love of God.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boucher Massages The Truth

This comes to us from an email that the Rick Boucher campaign sent out on Wednesday:

"I am very proud to note that more than 70% of the individuals who have contributed to our campaign this year are residents of this Congressional District."

That's how they do things in Washington.

That's why Congress has an eleven percent approval rating these days (behind network news, behind HMO's, behind unions; no small feat).

Why on earth would Rick Boucher put that claim in a campaign boast when it is so easily checked and just as easily ridiculed?

Note he used the word "individuals."  That allows him to make you (or attempt to make you) forget that nearly 60% of his contributions don't come from individuals at all.  They come from political action committees.  But don't take my word for it.  Take the word of the people who monitor such things - OpenSecrets.org:

58% of Rick Boucher's cash thus far comes from PAC's, mostly Washington lobbyists.
38% comes from individuals.

And who are his biggest contributors?  It's a Who's Who of the powerful and persuasive in Washington, every one of which wants some of your children's college savings fund seized and forked over to them.  Also from OpenSecrets.org:

See any individuals on that list? (Don't be fooled by number 10; Patton Boggs is perhaps the most influential lobbying firm in Washington, not an individual).

And what about the other half of Boucher's claim?

"... 70% of the individuals who have contributed to our campaign this year are residents of this Congressional District."

Are they?

Again from the people who track this stuff:

It would seem that Rick Boucher wants you to think that he's one of us.  It's the biennial occasion (when he comes up for reelection) that he tries to convince everyone that he isn't actually a resident of Washington D.C., but an honest-to-God citizen of Southwest Virginia.

And he'd be successful at it if facts didn't intrude in his effort to hoodwink us.

Blogger Calls For Crackdown On CNN ...

... for Marxist tendencies.

Didn't the Founding Fathers meet in joint assembly sometime long ago and work past this issue of suppression of Free Speech?

Seems I recall ...

Great Stuff

If you've got time on your hands, read "A Curious Case of Sexual Harassment." It has to do with the age in which we live.

This Is Getting Tiresome

At what point does someone in the media call Obama on this?

Obama decries size of debt.

For the love of God.

You Were Warned

How many times do we have to make this point until it sinks into the thick skulls of those who think federal minimum wage requirements are a good thing?  They kill jobs.

The Young and Jobless
New evidence that the minimum wage has hurt teenage workers.
Wall Street Journal editorial

Today marks the first anniversary of Congress's decision to raise the federal minimum wage by 41% to $7.25 an hour. But hold the confetti. According to a new study, more than 100,000 fewer teens are employed today due to the wage hikes.

for the 19 states affected by all three stages of the federal wage increase, "there was a 6.9% decline in employment for teens aged 16 to 19," write the authors. And for those who had not completed high school, "we estimated that the hikes reduced employment by 12.4%," which translates to about 98,000 fewer teens in the work force.

After isolating for other economic factors and broadening their analysis to include all 32 states affected by any stage of the federal wage increase, the authors conclude that "the federal minimum-wage hikes reduced teen employment by 2.5% translating to approximately 114,400 fewer employed teens." [link] [emphasis mine]
I emphasized the disclaimer "due to the wage hikes" in the above passage so as to clarify the point that even with the rise in unemployment across the board in recent years, the minimum wage increase caused damage over and above.

This was predicted.
It comes to pass.
Democrats will propose another hike soon.
They'll never learn.

What?!!!! Oh, Never Mind.

When I read this (from NRA-ILA), I became alarmed:
Radical Group Launches Complete Lead Bullet Ban Campaign

As announced in a recent fundraising letter to its members, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) will launch a “once-in-a-lifetime campaign” this summer to “ban all lead bullets everywhere in the United States.” Make no mistake, hunters and shooters are in the crosshairs of this extremist group.
But then I remembered, this is the same bunch of nitwits who distributed condoms around the country earlier this year to protect endangered species.

No, I'm not making that up.

Which means we needn't worry.

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Boucher vs. Obama

One more thing about that ad that the Boucher campaign released the other day.  It starts off - front and center - with our congressman running away from President Obama.  To quote:

"And Rick Boucher does listen to us.  He voted against the health care bill ..."



"Please don't put me in the same category with .. him!"

Will it work?

Can Rick Boucher distance himself from the man - our president - who has professed his love for our representative for his being a good liberal Democrat?

Can he deny his past?

Can he pretend that this isn't the case?


You can run from him, Rick.  You can deny your past.

But the truth is the truth.

You decided early on to lie down with that dog.  And the fleas are there to stay.

Screen capture from Friends ♥ Forever
Photo courtesy of the Bristol Herald Courier

How Did We Get Here Again?

Didn't they reach the point where they were asking this question about George W. Bush?

Bush, you may recall, holds degrees from Yale and Harvard Business School.

Obama, similarly, can claim Columbia and Harvard Law School as almae matres (along with a few years of attendance at Occidental College).

Learning disability?  Familiar territory?


Can we agree that both these gentlemen are intelligent?

And can we agree that both simply have unwavering - and divergent - ideologies that determine their respective worldviews?

One is clearly a socialist.  The other was ... a ... compassionate ... big government ... conservative.

Stupid?  Please don't go there.


Our until-now liberal Senator James Webb is going to lose some of his Washington friends with this one.  He's penned a treatise for the Wall Street Journal.

See "Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege."

One sentence that leaps out:

"Unfortunately, present-day diversity programs work against that notion, having expanded so far beyond their original purpose that they now favor anyone who does not happen to be white."

Wow.  Even most conservatives don't go that far.  We see government-sanctioned diversity programs favoring certain select minority groups over whites, but not "anyone who does not happen to be white."  African American being at the top of that list of chosen ones.  With Latinos vying for that coveted spot.  Asian-Americans being shunned and ignored and not even on the list.

This might just cause our weird senator to lose his exalted place on the pages of the New York Times.

I'm guessing the article was actually written by someone else.

Looks Aren't Deceiving

I know everyone on the left and in the media (did I repeat myself?) is trying to pin blame on conservatives (Rush! Fox News! Hannity!) for the NAACP/Obama/Shirley Sherrod circus.  But I've got news for you:

Obama, the guy doing the apologizing, is a Democrat.

Tom Vilsack, who was the target of Obama's criticism, is a Democrat.

Shirley Sherrod, the target of Tom Vilsack's wrath, who's also the babe who went after Obama because he isn't black, or something, is a Democrat.

The NAACP, at various times being found to criticize all of the above for - well, nobody knows exactly - is made up of Democrats.

Chastise conservatives if you will, but brutha, this is a circular Democrat firing squad if ever there was one.

How Bad Has It Gotten?

Check out this map of the United States with the severity of the unemployment rate plotted by color by county each month from January 2007 to May 2010:

It continues to worsen.

Courtesy of the American Observer.

America Defuses a Ticking Time Bomb

The Democrats will be back to try and wreak mayhem yet again, but for now America has successfully fended them off:
Democrats pull plug on climate bill
By Darren Samuelson and Coral Davenport, Politico

Senate Democrats pulled the plug on climate legislation Thursday, pushing the issue off into an uncertain future ahead of midterm elections where President Barack Obama’s party is girding for a drubbing.

“It’s easy to count to 60,” [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid said. “I could do it by the time I was in eighth grade. My point is this, we know where we are. We know we don’t have the votes [for a bill capping emissions]. This is a step forward.” [link]
Reid is right.  This is a step forward now that the destructively punitive cap-and-trade bill has gone down in flames.

Now if he and his fellow Democrats could follow suit ...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where Are The Jobs?

While Obama is patting himself on the back for getting legislation passed that will make it more difficult for big banks to fail, the average American, who doesn't give two squirts about Chase Manhattan, wonders when all the suffering that's afflicting their neighborhoods is going to end.

A graph that gives startling subtext to the angst.  "Median Duration (over a lengthy time span) of Unemployment":

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

This explains why Obama has repeatedly gone back to the (dry) well for uemployment compensation for those Americans who find themselves out of work.

But it also shows that Obama has done nothing to stop the bleeding.


Oh, by the way, he's now going to focus on John Kerry's "green" legislation and the possible twelve jobs that it will create.  Over time.

Better be adding some height to that graph's y-axis, fellas.

* Chart courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a hat tip to Derek Thompson.

Hey, sweetheart, want to feel my warming globe?

I think Al Gore's obsession with hot air is gaining perspective.  It now appears that he was hot all the time.

That sex scandal involving him (allegedly) chasing some middle-aged female masseuse around a hotel room naked?  It seems it was a regular occurrence for Mr. Global Warming:

Be careful.  The story is about this major creep exposing his not-so-major erection to the world.

I hope Tipper gets his entire worldly wealth.

Food For Thought

Mark Tapscott (or some copy editor) strays into a discussion point that needs massaging with this header:

If you know the details you have to wonder: Liberals do seem to be herding creatures, don't they?

Obama Wasn't Going To Raise Taxes


He was lying, of course.

The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon
Investor's Business Daily editorial

Through the end of this year, the federal estate tax rate is zero — thanks to the package of broad-based tax cuts that President Bush pushed through to get the economy going earlier in the decade.

But as of midnight Dec. 31, the death tax returns — at a rate of 55% on estates of $1 million or more. The effect this will have on hospital life-support systems is already a matter of conjecture.

Resurrection of the death tax, however, isn't the only tax problem that will be ushered in Jan. 1. Many other cuts from the Bush administration are set to disappear and a new set of taxes will materialize. And it's not just the rich who will pay.

The lowest bracket for the personal income tax, for instance, moves up 50% — to 15% from 10%. The next lowest bracket — 25% — will rise to 28%, and the old 28% bracket will be 31%. At the higher end, the 33% bracket is pushed to 36% and the 35% bracket becomes 39.6%.

But the damage doesn't stop there.

The marriage penalty also makes a comeback, and the capital gains tax will jump 33% — to 20% from 15%. The tax on dividends will go all the way from 15% to 39.6% — a 164% increase.

Both the cap-gains and dividend taxes will go up further in 2013 as the health care reform adds a 3.8% Medicare levy for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and joint filers making more than $250,000. Other tax hikes include: halving the child tax credit to $500 from $1,000 and fixing the standard deduction for couples at the same level as it is for single filers.

Letting the Bush cuts expire will cost taxpayers $115 billion next year alone, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and $2.6 trillion through 2020.

But even more tax headaches lie ahead. [link]
A host of crushing new taxes at a time of economic hardship.  My God.

* By the way, have we talked about how great life is for government employees?

Signs Of The Times

A curiosity:

Katie Couric is still at CBS.

CBS still exists.

Who knew?

'Racism' Is So 20th Century

Dennis Prager on all the racists all the charges flying about regarding racists lurking in our midst:
The charge of racism leveled by liberal organizations, whether black or white, is now regarded as the politically motivated falsehood that it is. It is rightly seen, along with its six siblings—sexism, xenophobia, intolerance, bigotry, homophobia and 'Islamophobia'—as the Left's way of avoiding argument by demeaning its opponents. . . . One day, the charge loses all its moral power. That happened this past year as a result of the liberal attacks on conservative opposition to Obama as racially based. Every conservative knows that opposition to the Obama and Democratic agenda has nothing to do with the president's color. Does any liberal honestly believe that if Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were president and pursued the same Leftist agenda Obama has, there would be less conservative opposition because Pelosi and Reid are white? So, something good has come of this: the de-fanging of the 'racist' label. It no longer intimidates conservatives as it once did.
The proper response to being called a racist?  Laugh.  Laugh uproariously, knowing that it's all the left has to counter our arguments relating to the failing policies they've touted all these many years.

"Obama's stimulus has failed.  Unemployment has skyrocketed since he became president."

"Well, you're just a racist.  You wouldn't be saying that if Obama were white."

"Obama's stimulus has failed.  Unemployment has skyrocketed since he became president."

Laugh.  It's all they've got left.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morgan Griffith Responds To Latest Poll

From "Morgan Griffith For Congress":
Griffith Statement on Survey USA Poll

Christiansburg, VA -- Statement from Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith on the Survey USA Poll for the Ninth District race:

I'm thrilled with the poll results from SurveyUSA today. They confirm what I have always believed since I announced my candidacy: that Rick Boucher is in trouble, and this will be one of the most competitive and closest congressional races in the country.

After 28 years in Congress, SurveyUSA's poll says that barely more than 50% of likely voters would send Rick Boucher back for another term. When you have worked that long, and yet your support is just that limited, you're in trouble in your bid for re-election.

Rick Boucher knows it too. He is already on television, advertising months earlier than he has in any previous campaign. That is definitely not the sign of an incumbent who is confident his in re-election prospects. Clearly he has seen polling numbers that show the race is as close, if not closer than what was published today, confirming that this is a very, very competitive race.

I'm also extremely gratified with the support I am receiving. With next to no advertising so far, almost 40% of likely 9th Congressional District voters are so fed up with Rick Boucher that they want a change. Our grassroots campaign to reach out to voters from the Cumberland Gap to Covington is clearly having an impact and gaining momentum.

That momentum is only going to increase as voters give more and more focus to the contrast between Rick Boucher and me. Boucher represents everything most 9th District voters hate about Washington. He supported President Obama's massive spending plans that have left our country mired over $13 trillion in debt. He backed wasteful, failed stimulus programs, big bailouts for Wall Streets and the takeover of the auto industry, while Main Street got left behind. And Rick Boucher led efforts to pass Cap and Trade in the House, a bill that will raise gas prices, electricity bills and devastate Southwest Virginia's vital coal industry, throwing thousands of mineworkers out of jobs.

Rick Boucher is going to spend millions of dollars in the next few months to try and run from his record. His first spots are a blatant attempt to re-write history. His actions show he knows he's in trouble. Voters in Southwest Virginia are angry at how Boucher repeatedly puts Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their Washington special interest allies like radical environmentalists ahead of them. Our campaign is catching fire as people flock to my candidacy, which reflects their concerns and their values. This poll proves it.
"Voters in Southwest Virginia are angry at how Boucher repeatedly puts Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their Washington special interest allies like radical environmentalists ahead of them."  Amen to that, brutha.  And we're sick and tired of being used and abused by this bunch.

We can't do much about Pelosi.  But we sure as hell can solve the Boucher problem.

Between now and November 2 think about the claim that Boucher made the other day over in Clintwood.  He's proud of the fact that your electric rates will go up - again - as a result of AEP being forced by his legislation to pay some farmer in Zimbabwe to plant trees in the jungle.  What, you ask, does your electric bill have to do with planting trees in Africa?  God knows.  It's Washington-Think.  It's that twisted environmentalism that we read so much about in the papers that has caught hold of the east and west coasts.  And has obviously caught hold of Rick Boucher.

Here, again, is Boucher's boast:

"I had a major role in making sure that electric utilities could pay others to reduce emissions by, for example, planting trees, and take full credit for those emission reductions themselves."

Is he that detached from us common folk down here in Southwest Virginia?