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Saturday, July 31, 2010

They Ask, I Answer



She came across as being awkward, addlepated, and awful.

For that they could have kept Paula Abdul.

Griffith Takes It To Boucher

Unlike opponents past, most of whom played Rick Boucher's game and lost big time (when our congressman even had an opponent), Morgan Griffith plays offense.  It's so refreshing.

The latest:
Griffith Responds to Boucher "Misstatement"

(Christiansburg, VA) -- Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith responded to Rick Boucher's claim of supporting funding for the fence on the southern border in the Bristol Herald Courier on Friday.

[jf: Boucher's statement from the article: "I voted for that fence and I voted to fund the fence, so it’s just another misstatement, which has become a very disturbing pattern by those who are leading his effort and opposing me this year.  I have supported building the fence."]

"Rick Boucher is on record for voting against funding for the fence along our southern border," said Griffith. "People can look at the votes for themselves. Rick Boucher supports the fence like he supports the coal industry: we don't have a fence and we won't have a coal industry if Rick Boucher stays in Washington. Any Congressman who votes with President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time is not voting with southwest Virginia."

Congressman Rick Boucher twice voted with the Democratic majority against funding the border fence in 2007. The roll call votes are here:

So what are you going to believe? Boucher's campaign denials? Or the voting record?

There's no gray area here.

Climate Science Is 'Lost.' 'Over.' 'Forget It.'

And that assessment comes from a leading environmentalist here in the USA:
Expert: Win climate change debate by easing off science
By Scott Condon, Glenwood Springs Post Independent

The battle to get Americans to accept the science behind climate change has been “lost,” an expert at the Aspen Environment Forum declared Wednesday, but there's still a way to win the war to reduce carbon emissions.

“Climate scientists — stop talking about climate science. We lost. It's over. Forget it,” Foley told a surprised audience during a featured panel discussion on the last day of the three-day forum.

Jonathan Foley, director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, said leaders on climate change need to concentrate on changing behavior in ways that appeal to people — and also happen to reduce carbon emissions. [link]
This dude's alternative to talking climate science - talking about reducing carbon emissions instead seems awfully dubious.  Why do we want to reduce carbon emissions, if it's not to mitigate the threat of global warming?  If carbon is the essence of life itself, why not encourage its growth?

Anyway, environmentalists are bailing out of the "climate" debate.  Can newspaper editors and Washington politicians be far behind?

This Is a Surprise

One must look at anything this guy does through the prism of gutter political calculation, but still, I'm perplexed by the news:
Democrat Ben Nelson Opposes Kagan
By Matthew Jaffe, ABC News

Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson announced late Friday he would vote against the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

In a statement released this evening, Sen. Nelson said, "I have heard concerns from Nebraskans regarding Ms. Kagan, and her lack of a judicial record makes it difficult for me to discount the concerns raised by Nebraskans, or to reach a level of comfort that these concerns are unfounded. Therefore, I will not vote to confirm Ms. Kagan’s nomination."

Nelson is the only Democrat to oppose Kagan at this point. [link]
I'll be honest, I have no idea what his point is.  But if he's saying the Supreme Court nominee has no paper trail, is that reason to vote against her?  Perhaps.

A better reason might be that she has little more legal and judicial experience than I do (I took two business law classes in graduate school; that's the extent of it).  Nearly all her work has been in either politics or administration.

So a Democrat has come out against Elena Kagan.  Interesting.

Won't make a difference.  But it's interesting.

Quote of the Day

The Wall Street Journal on the Obama economy:
The Obama Administration, in its Keynesian confusion, is simultaneously saying the economy is so weak it needs more spending "stimulus" but also strong enough to absorb a huge tax increase.

The message of 2.4% second quarter growth is closer to the opposite: The epic government stimulus has failed to produce the robust expansion the White House promised, and the prospect of higher taxes and more regulation is inhibiting the private animal spirits needed for growth to accelerate. Americans may have to wait for November for Washington to get that message.
"The 2.4% Recovery," July 31, 2010

You Can Take The Family Out of Arkansas, But ...

... you can't take Arkansas out of the family:
Chelsea Clinton Wedding Price Tag Could Reach $2 Million
By Jessica Derschowitz, CBS News

New York (CBS/AP) The wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky is happening next weekend, and it's reportedly going to cost a hefty chunk of change.

Reports speculate that the wedding costs could total $2 million.

ABC News reported that renting the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, N.Y., the rumored location for the high-profile event, could cost between $125,000 to $200,000 alone.

The catering, being done by Blue Ribbon Restaurants, St. Regis and Olivier Cheng Catering and Events, is estimated to cost $750,000. One company might be doing the cocktail hour with another taking care of the main meal and the third one doing late-night snacks.

Wedding planner Claudia Hanlin told ABC News that each company may charge around $500 a head, given the remote nature of the wedding site, along with having to share the kitchen and coordinate with two other caterers. That works out to $1,500 per guest (there's rumored to be 500 of them) for food alone.

Among the other costs, according to the report: $250,000 for the flowers, $40,000 for the music, $35,000 for photography and $30,000 for security. [link]
Weeee doggies!

They'll Never Stop Being Themselves

And there'll always be plenty of enablers:

For the love of God.