Monday, August 05, 2019

When Americans Had To Be Taught English.

[Note* I originally posted this to the "I Love My German Heritage" Facebook page.]
By the late 1800's there were millions of German-speaking people living in the United States. Their children, when they were sent off to public school, had to learn the English language. One of the textbooks printed to help the transition from German to English was "Witter's German Reader." This one was published in 1904 for teachers in the St. Louis public school system. Included was a guide assisting teachers and students in interpreting "altdeutsche Schrift, or "Old German Script." "Witter's Deutsch Englische Schreib und Lese-Fibel und Neues Erstes Lesebuch für Amerikanische Freischulen." Neue durchaus numgearbeitete und verbesertte Auflage. Mit vielen Bildern. Bearbeitet von Lehrern der öffentlichen Schulen in St. Louis. - - - - Translation: Witter's German English Writing and Reading Primer and New First Reading Book for American Free (public) Schools. New numbered and improved edition. With many pictures. Edited for public school teachers in St. Louis.